Rogue Echo Bike Review

Rogue Fitness Sale Alert! Rogue Fitness has the Rogue Echo Bike on sale now for $775.00 - for a limited time.

In this article we’re going to present our hands-on review of the Rogue Echo Bike.

We believe the Rogue Echo bike is the best air bike option for anyone in the market for a new air bike in 2019.

Why? That’s what we’ll talk about here.

Rogue Fitness Echo Bike - The best assault bike for CrossFit and metcon workouts (also called an airbike). "Overbuilt" is a good adjective to describe the Rogue bike.
Rogue Fitness Echo Bike – The best assault bike for CrossFit and metcon workouts. “Overbuilt” is a good adjective to describe it.

Here’s a preview of the gear we’re going to be covering in this review.

Rogue Echo Bike - poolside
Rogue Echo Bike In the market for the best fan bike / air bike? Get the Rogue Echo Bike. It's overbuilt and super-sturdy - which is great for high power output workouts. But it's also smooth and quieter than other air bikes that use a chain (The Echo has a belt instead.)
Rogue Echo Bike Wind Guard can stop the breeze quite effectively - at least for the bike rider. The Echo Bike Phone Holder is shown here as well.
Echo Bike Wind Guard Too much breeze from the fan? Get the Wind Guard. It's effective - but is it better than duct tape? Maybe not - but it does look better and is less messy.
Rogue Echo Bike Phone Holder installed. This handy and inexpensive accessory for the Rogue Echo Bike will secure any size smart phone.
Echo Bike Phone Holder The official Phone Holder form Rogue is robust and will fit even really big phones - like the iPhone Max XS.
Transmits HR data to Polar heart rate monitors using 5kHz transmission
Polar T31C Heart Rate Sensor The Polar T31C Heart Rate Sensor is compatible with the Rogue Echo Bike - and it should work automatically. The regular (non-coded) T31 model of the Polar heart rate sensor will work as well. The Echo bike will not work with Bluetooth devices like the iPhone and Android - unfortunately.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why a Fan Bike?

First of all – let’s get this out of the way.

A fan bike (or air bike, or “assault bike”) is a wicked metcon workout.

This is NOT like riding a spin bike like the Peloton or Keiser – this is a whole different beast.

“Brutal” is often used to describe them – and many people talk about a love/hate relationship they have with air bikes.

Rogue Echo Bike by the pool
Having the Rogue Echo Bike poolside doesn’t make it any easier.

Why is that? Well, they are very, very hard.

When you crank the pedals and push and pull the levers you are moving the fan – faster and faster.

And it takes a hell of a lot of effort to keep accelerating.

fan blades in the echo bike
The source of your misery? These fan blades.

Is this good or bad?

The air bike is stupendous for HIIT style workouts, like Tabata.

Pedal hard and fast for 20 seconds, then slow or stop for 10 – and repeat 8 times.

If you are truly going “all out” that is one heck of a workout.

There are a lot of fun challenges you can do on these air bikes too.

Like how fast can you burn 50 calories?

Would you believe you can burn 50 calories in under 30 seconds?

Well – some people can anyways – but it’s not a pleasant experience.

Does the Rogue Echo Bike deliver the goods?

Yes, it can be a brutally hard workout.

Having said all this – let’s switch gears now and talk about why we think the Echo bike is the best fan bike for 2019.

Rogue Echo Bike – Overbuilt

Let’s take a brief moment to compare and contrast the Echo Bike to the other bike you’ve likely seen or used at the box or elsewhere.

The Assault AirBike is a good piece of equipment.

It’s a fan bike and as such it can be used for that brutally hard, HIIT style workout we talked about earlier.

But as you can see, it’s built very light-weight – in comparison to the echo bike.

The Assault AirBike - not a bad piece of equipment.  It's used in the CrossFit games nearly every year - and probably at your local box.
The Assault AirBike – not a bad piece of equipment. It’s used in the CrossFit games nearly every year – and probably at your local box.

And here’s the Echo bike.

The Rogue Echo Bike combines heavy-duty steel, precision engineering, and convenient customization to forge a stronger, sturdier fan bike.

See the difference?

The Echo Bike (which weighs in at 127 Lbs) is made with thick steel tubing that includes 2×3″, 1.25 x 3″, and 1.625 x 3.125″.

Those handles are massive.

Big beefy handles of the Rogue Echo Bike
Echo Bike has very beefy handles. You have to move these.

And so is everything else.

Why does this matter?

Because when you are really rocking and rolling – and trying to hit 800 watts of power (or more) on the air bike you are really going to be working it hard.

And the echo bike will be sturdy and stable throughout.

The Assault AirBike weighs 30% less than the Echo. And while that’s fine when you want to move it around the gym – it’s not as sturdy when you are pedaling hard.

Speaking of mobility – both units have wheels on the front.

So, if you need to move the Echo Bike you can easily do so, despite the bulk.

Rogue Echo Bike has two wheels up front
Use the wheels on the Rogue Echo Bike to move it, just simply tilt and roll.

If you are on a surface where you can’t roll it, that’s another story.

But inside a gym, garage, or CrossFit box, it’s very easy to re-position the Echo – just tilt and roll.

Smooth and Quiet

All that overbuilt-ness makes it a pretty smooth ride too.

But here’s another key feature of the Echo – it doesn’t have a bike chain.

The chain drive on a regular bike is messy – you have to keep it lubricated and that means grease (and the grime that gets stuck in it).

Chains stretch and break over time as well. We want to be riding the bike – NOT working on the bike.

Rogue Echo Bike belt drive unit
The belt drive is within the unit with the pedals. It’s pre-assembled – as is most of the bike. Belt drive is superior to a chain in every way – quiet, smooth, tough, and no maintenance.

And lastly chains make noise – because there’s a decent amount of metal on metal contact happening as the chain slides over the gears.

The Echo bike doesn’t have a chain.

It uses belt drive instead.

Belt drive means quiet(er). The fan still makes noise, but it’s not unpleasant – sort of a nice whooshing nice.

Belt drives require no maintenance.

And breaking a belt drive is unheard of. It just doesn’t happen.

For all those reasons, belt drive is superior. And that is what the Echo Bike has.

Rogue Echo Bike – Even the Fan is Overbuilt

Here’s another interesting face about the Echo Bike – even the fan is overbuilt.

The fan blades are bigger, and there are more of them – as compared to the Assault AirBike

Here’s the fan blades on the Assault Bike. There are 6 of them, and they are approx. 2.75″ wide by about 6″ long.

Assault Fitness AirBike - showing fan blades.
Assault Fitness AirBike – 6 fan blades.
Assault Fitness AirBike - showing fan blades.
Assault Fitness AirBike – showing fan blades.

The Rogue Echo Bike’s monster fan blades have these proportions: 10 blades – 2.75″ wide, 26″ diameter.

(Those numbers are approximate – but close – because I did NOT remove the shroud protecting the blades to make these measurements.)

Rogue Echo Bike Fan - you an also see the foot pegs in this shot.
Rogue Echo Bike Fan – showing the plentiful and large fan blades.

The fan blades are much bigger, and there are more of them.

The Rogue Echo Bike has ten fan blades - and they aren't small.
The Rogue Echo Bike has ten fan blades – and they aren’t small. This makes a difference.

Also consider this – the Echo Bike has those massive steel handles. They are much, much beefier than those of the AirBike.

What does this all mean?

It means it takes more effort to get the Echo Bike moving as compared to the AirBike.

It also means it takes more effort to keep it moving, and more effort to accelarate.

People who have tried both bikes comment that the AirBike is easier.

This is why.

But, let’s remember what we are here for.

You don’t jump on a fan bike to have a good time.

You jump on it to work your ass off.

So does it matter that the Echo Bike is significantly harder than the AirBike?

Not in my opinion.

But hey, if you want an easier time, or find the AirBike more pleasant – go ahead and get one.

Again, it’s not a bad piece of equipment.

Foot Peg of the Rogue Echo Bike
Most fan bikes have foot pegs – so you can rest your legs and use your arms only. This is also unpleasant.

A Few Gripes…

I love my Echo Bike.

I don’t have much to complain about.

But, I do have three things.

First, the LCD display is not backlit. That means it’s hard to see and use in the dark.

You need an external source of light to see when using it at night.

Maybe not a problem in your CrossFit box – but many of use like to use our Echo bikes outdoors – on the porch or garage, for example.

Having a backlit display would make that so much easier.

Echo Bike electronic monitor with LCD
Echo Bike electronic monitor with LCD – could be better if backlit, and if it was bluetooth compatible.

Secondly, it would be nice if the electronic monitor was Bluetooth compatible.

It’s the year 2019 – and throwing a bluetooth transmitter chip into this unit can’t possibly cost much.

And it would make it so much easier to use with a wide range of electronics that EVERYONE has these days.

Lastly, the handles have 1.5″ diameter grips.

This is maybe all part of being overbuilt – but they are just a little too big to be gripped comfortably.

Frankly, it stresses my wrists a bit.

The Rogue Echo Bike has tough, textured rubber handgrips. These won't wear out easily.
The grip part of the handle is 1.5″ in diameter.

I’d prefer something more akin to barbell diameter – like 28.5mm or 29mm” (or just over an 1″ maybe).

It seems like that could be done without compromising the smoothness and stability of the bike.

Rogue Echo Bike Accessory – Seats

In the near future, we’ll review a replacement bike seat for the Rogue Echo bike.

But, for now, let’s talk about the stock seat.

Here it is.

The stock bike seat on the Rogue Echo Bike.
The stock bike seat on the Rogue Echo Bike. It’s big, wide, and fairly comfy.

It’s not bad. At least for the amounts of time you normally ride an air bike. It’s not like you are going to go on a 2 hour ride with this thing…

It’s mounted like a regular bike seat.

So, you should be able to replace it with a real bike seat – like the Shimano models of saddle (fancy word for a bike seat.)

The stock seat is mounted just like a regular bike seat - so there are many replacement options.
The stock seat is mounted just like a regular bike seat – so there are many replacement options.

By the way, the height and depth are adjustable.

Here’s the settings.

Height and depth adjustments for the saddle (oops I mean seat)
Height and depth adjustments for the saddle (oops, I mean seat.)

Rogue Echo Bike Accessory – Phone Holder

It’s $5.

For the love of all that is holy – get the phone holder.

Optional phone holder for the Echo bike.
Phone holder mounted on the Rogue Echo Bike. Two screws is all it takes.

It’ll fit most sizes of phones, including the iPhone XS Max.

And, you can then use it with our awesome air bike workouts page.

Use the Fit At Midlife Air Bike Workouts web page along with the Rogue Echo Bike to get an awesome fat torching, lung searing workout anytime.
Use the Fit At Midlife Air Bike Workouts web page along with the Rogue Echo Bike to get an awesome fat torching, lung searing workout anytime.

Rogue Echo Bike Accessory – Pedals

In the near future, we’ll highlight some of the replacement pedal options for the Rogue Echo.

But for now, let’s look at the stock pedals.

Pedals on the Rogue Echo Bike.

Yep, bike pedals.

Rogue Echo Bike Assembly

We have a whole article about how to assemble it – but it’s easy.

They include all the tools you need and the hardest parts are already put together for you.

If you can work a wrench and a screw driver you can put this together.

Rogue did all the hard work for us – it comes mostly assembled.

Rogue Echo Bike Review – In Summary

A fan bike is a great choice for a garage or home gym – especially for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

But, the equipment is pretty expensive – and hard to find.

We recommend the Rogue Echo Bike.

It’s built super tough, it has near zero maintenance, it’s quiet (for a fan bike), and it delivers the goods.

A heart-pouding workout is yours for the taking – just jump on and start to pedal (and push and pull).

You might also be interested in our article on the Concept 2 indoor rower, which is also an efficient, effective, and low-impact total body workout.

Looking for more air bike options? Check out our Best Air Bikes of 2019 article.

Why Rogue Fitness Products? We’re a Rogue Fitness affiliate – so if you order equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend Rogue. It’s because their equipment is tough, durable, well-made, and made in America. Their equipment looks good, and works even better. Their innovative designs and diversity of options make your training better – allowing you to reach your personal goals faster. And that’s why we love them.

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