Reebok Floatride Enery 3 Adventure Mens Running Shoes tying up
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Floatride Energy 3 Adventure: High-Performance Running Shoe

Here’s the new Floatride Energy 3 Adventure Running Shoe from Reebok. Reebok recently announced the release of the Floatride Energy 3 Adventure, the latest iteration of its award-winning Floatride franchise. The shoe blends the best-in-class standards of the Floatride Energy 3 model with enhanced, durable innovations producing a high-performance running shoe ideal for any type of run. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Floatride Energy 3 Adventure Running Shoe – Overview Road running shoes can somehow manage some light, hard-packed trails, but when the going gets more challenging and harder, especially on hilly slopes, restricted ground, or muddy and snowy trails, trail running shoes are the ones that will help you overcome. The Floatride [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser MF CrossFit Shoe PE (54)
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Nike Metcon 7 First Look

This is the new Nike Metcon 7. That shoe pictured above is the Metcon 7 Mat Fraser PE (Personal Edition) – but more colorways are coming. Nike Metcon is known to deliver superior stability and durability for functional movement. The seventh and the newest iteration in the lineup highlights Nike React foam for enhanced cushioning and bounce with a frame akin to its ancestors. The Metcon 7 focuses on teamwork with a brand new color palette and elements that are spurred by a band of battle-hardened warriors. Here are some of the styles that will be available soon: Nike Metcon 7 – Overview The Metcon 7 has a revamped rubber that wraps up your arch for exceptional grip during rope [Read more …]

Reebok Nano X1 Adventure lifting
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Nano X1 Adventure: The Ultimate Training Shoe Designed for Outdoor Fitness

The Nano X1 from Reebok is a very well-rounded training shoe – and now there’s a version optimized for the great outdoors – here’s the Reebok Nano X1 Adventure. To satisfy and exhilarate your adventurous persona, Reebok recently launched and upgraded the Official Shoe of Fitness, the Nano X1, to a shoe that will take you from driveway workouts to weekend nature hikes – the Reebok Nano X1 Adventure. The shoe is the Official Shoe of Tearing up the Terrain and is designed with utmost durability and versatility in mind. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nano X1 Adventure – Overview The all-new Reebok Nano X1 Adventure was made to inspire you to take [Read more …]

Fringe Sport Medicine Ball V4 lunges
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Medicine Balls

Here’s a classic piece of gym equipment – the Medicine Ball If you are familiar with barbells but not with medicine balls, this article will help inform you about this amazing workout gear. Medicine balls are rounded balls and are heavy-weighted that come in various sizes and weights with various ranges of fitness purposes. They are perceived to be one of the most varied pieces of exercise equipment, beneficial for toning about every part of the body, and are also widely used in multiple kinds of physical therapy. Here are some of the equipment that you can buy now from Fringe Sports, Rogue, Rep, and others: Medicine Balls – Overview Medicine balls started their record more than 2,000 years ago [Read more …]

Torque Fitness Tank M1 Complete Kit with a user
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Torque Fitness Tanks Push Sleds

Here’s the Torque Tank from Torque Fitness – it’s a Push Sled. This push sled works great where others don’t – because it has wheels. Push Sled is a remarkably versatile piece of equipment that grants many advantages and delivers impressive outcomes in a minimal amount of time. It works your abdominals, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, chest, hip flexors, triceps, and shoulders. It is a kind of low-impact cardio exercise, which is particularly helpful for runners. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Torque TANK Push Sleds – Overview What distinguishes all Torque Fitness TANKS is their ability to run both indoors and outdoors on any surface without gouging. They also increase the resistance the [Read more …]

Torque Fitness Wall Ball Target with a user
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Wall Balls

Got Wall Balls? If not – this article is for you. Let’s look at this unique, fun workout device. Wall balls are an amazing exercise accessory for increasing strength, explosiveness, and cardiovascular endurance. Wall ball exercise is a functional, full-body exercise that you can add to any strength or cardiovascular workout to enhance effectiveness. It is part of CrossFit but is now used in any fitness facility because of its benefits. Here are some of the great gear we are going to look at – from several different manufacturers. Wall Balls – Overview Wall balls are a functional exercise that can help you in everyday movements, and not just in the gym. Wall balls reflect the dreaded thruster as they [Read more …]

Rep Fitness V2 Slam Balls back ball
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Slam Balls

Let’s talk about Slam Balls. It sort of looks like a medicine ball – but these are much tougher – because they are made to SLAM. They’re almost the same, but one thing that distinguishes slam balls from medicine balls is they have thicker surfaces, making them perfect for high-impact throwing exercises. On the other hand, medicine balls have thinner rubber, leather, or plastic exteriors, so they are not advisable for extreme workouts. We’re going to provide an overview of several different models, from several different manufacturers. Here are some of the slam balls you can buy now: Slam Balls – Overview To use the slam balls for exercise, the first thing to do is hold the ball in both [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness Color Medicine Balls main
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Color Medicine Balls from Rogue

Rogue Fitness just dropped new Color Medicine Balls – let’s take a look. Medicine balls bring new quality and dimension to your training and are an exciting gear that aids in training athletes. These balls are also used for physical therapy or rehabilitation and can be used as an alternative for other kinds of training when safety or injury is a problem. Training with medicine balls enhances athletic strength and skills by copying the same moves demanded in the ring, field, or court. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Color Medicine Balls from Rogue – Overview To improve core strength, endurance, and explosiveness, many turn to medicine balls. They are great for presses, wall ball [Read more …]

Rogue Echo Bike with a user
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Rogue Echo Bike is the Official Air Bike of CrossFit

The Rogue Echo Bike is now the official Air Bike of CrossFit! CrossFit LLC declared that the Rogue Echo Bike is now “The Official Air Bike of CrossFit.” It was the Assault AirBike from Assault Fitness that has the title for six years. The Echo Bike is an exclusive and extraordinary exercise bike whose features and built go beyond any other air bike you know. It may be on the high-end side, but this tank is designed with high-quality steel, created for stability, and will last for a very long time. Get yours now! From where? Rogue, of course: Rogue Echo Bike – Overview The Rogue Echo Bike is overbuilt and gives a rock-solid base for max output bursts while [Read more …]

GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 coyote pull up
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Equipment for the Murph Challenge

Let’s look at equipment options for the Murph Challenge. The Murph Challenge is a Hero WOD in commemoration of Lt. Michael P. Murphy for his actions and sacrifice during the War in Afghanistan. The workout includes a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run – all while wearing 20lbs of weight or body armor.