A Rogue Olympic weightlifting barbell - loaded with Rogue training bumper plates

Starting Your Own Garage Gym – The Olympic Barbell

But What About All Those Slick Machines? Your commercial gym may be filled with slick looking machines – with lots of pulleys, cables, and nice thick padded seats (most of them let you sit and workout.) But the honest truth is that there are much more effective ways to train that do not involve expensive machines (or sitting down). You can (and should) build outstanding strength and endurance using the same basic implements (such as an Olympic barbell and free weights) that were available 50 years ago. No machines needed. This advice applies to rank beginners, novices, and grizzled veterans. In this article, we’ll continue the discussion about starting your own garage gym. We’re going to talk about what is [Read more …]

The garage gym - when you want to avoid the crowd and have the most convenient access - workout at thome

Starting Your Own Garage Gym – The Power Rack

Starting Your Own Garage Gym – The Power Rack Got a garage? Then you’ve got space for a Garage Gym. What’s the benefits of a garage gym? How about these for a starter: Avoid the crowds – no more waiting in line for equipment, no annoying members, and minimal distractions No gym commute – Walk into the garage, you’re in the gym. No driving, no parking Workout anytime – Evenings, weekends, holidays – any time of the day becomes a workout opportunity Do your own thing – Do what you want, when you want Ditch the gym fees – no fees, no memberships, no contracts Beyond that, it’s total freedom. It’s your place – your music, your routine, and not [Read more …]