Rogue RM44-4MONO 4 Post Monolift with an athlete 2
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Rogue RM44-4MONO 4 Post Monolift

Squat big weights in safety with the Rogue RM44-4MONO 4 Post Monolift. A Monolift is an enormous machine that eliminates the walkout in a squat. Monolifts are used by powerlifters and athletes squatting with heavy weights. When you use a monolift, the hooks are lifted away once the weight is unracked, so you no longer have to step out to be able to squat. Only from Rogue Fitness: Rogue RM44-4MONO 4 Post Monolift – Overview Monolifts are constructed with a hydraulic ram that takes the whole weight load and sets up the machine, so the bar catchers sit at the correct height of the lifter. If the hydraulic ram breaks down, the weight moves from the ram to the loading [Read more …]

Rogue CT-1X2 Cable Tower with an athlete 3
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CT-1X2 Cable Tower from Rogue Fitness

Let’s take a look at Rogue CT-1X2 Cable Tower. A cable machine is suitable and safe for everyone. It involves pushing and pulling the handles connected to weighted cables and provides numerous movements. It also facilitates proper lifting technique and builds muscles safely. Get that incredible Rogue quality: Rogue CT-1X2 Cable Tower – Overview A cable machine provides consistent resistance to your muscles, which helps build strong and lean muscles. Using a cable machine allows you to do exercises such as rows, bicep curls, chest presses, lat pull-downs, etc. It lets you swing your arms in different directions and has different resistance levels. It also works your body from different angles, challenging you in new and different ways for better [Read more …]

Rogue SLM-6 Monster Weight Stack Slinger with an athlete 3
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Weight Stack Slingers for Rogue Power Racks

Have a Monster or Monster-Lite power rack from Rogue? Make it more versatile with the Weight Stack Slingers for Rogue Power Racks. Weight stack slingers are necessary to utilize a series of wheels, pulleys, and levers to offer the resistance required for a workout. Compared to conventional free weights, weight stack slingers provide more benefits by adjusting how much to lift based on your fitness level. Get it now from Rogue: Weight Stack Slingers for Rogue Power Racks – Overview Using weight stack slingers allows you to target a specific muscle or muscle group, making this perfect for anyone who wants to concentrate on a particular area to tone and build muscle. It also decreases the error and helps you [Read more …]

Rogue MG-4F Multi Grip Bar with an athlete 10
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New Rogue Multi-Grip Bars

Get a better grip on the barbell with these innovative new Rogue Multi-Grip Bars. Also known as Swiss bars, multi-grip bars come in different styles and weights and have numerous neutral grip options. With them, you can modify your hands to take a close grip, medium-grip, or wide grip—all are neutral, with your palms facing each other. Get it brand-new from Rogue: New Rogue Multi-Grip Bars – Overview Multi-grip bars challenge your muscles with multiple options to hold them, relieving some undesirable discomfort and strain that can hurt your workouts and restrict daily ventures. Multi-grip bars are easy on your shoulders and save them from unpleasant pain experienced repeatedly with a conventional barbell. They are versatile and are ideal for [Read more …]

Rogue CC-1 Cable Crossover with an athlete 5
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Cable Crossover from Rogue

Rogue now has the Rogue CC-1 Cable Crossover – this is an exceptional cable machine for your home, garage, or commercial gym. A cable crossover machine is a kind of equipment that connects a handle to a cable pulley system, which then attaches to a weight stack. It is a great tool to enhance your chest and provides you with several practical exercises. A cable machine has a flat resistance, so you will get the same consistent pressure at all points in the training. Get it now from Rogue Fitness: Rogue CC-1 Cable Crossover – Overview Cable exercises are renowned for building and reinforcing your pectoralis major—the muscle that makes up most of your chest. The cable crossover machine enables [Read more …]

Rogue G-Shock GBA900SM-7A9 front main
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Rugged Sport Watches from Rogue

Check the time with one of these Rugged Sport Watches from Rogue. A smartwatch is a touch-screen-enabled wristwatch that can be connected to a phone through Bluetooth or WiFi and gives you endless possibilities. It tells you the time, but more than that, it also functions like a tiny smartphone and offers practical uses and benefits. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rugged Fitness Watches from Rogue – Overview A smartwatch is a useful tool to track your fitness and is packed with features to monitor your SP02, heart rate, stress level, sleep, etc. Another feature is “Find your Phone” which is very convenient when you are in a hurry, and you cannot locate [Read more …]

Rogue HG 2.0 Collars - Magnetic held
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Rogue HG 2.0 Collars – Magnetic

Let’s take a look at Rogue HG 2.0 Collars – Magnetic. Barbell collars are an essential tool in loading any weight onto your bar. Their main purpose is to provide safety when training by keeping the weight plates from slipping off the barbell sleeve. They also guarantee the weight load stays evenly divided and prevent the plates from sliding. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue HG 2.0 Collars – Magnetic – Overview Without barbell collars, your plates will slide outward on your barbell sleeve. When this happens, the weight in your bar will be unbalanced, resulting in instability while lifting. The weight should be as close to you as possible, and the collars’ [Read more …]

Rogue Ice Barrel with a user 2
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Cold Therapy Equipment from Rogue

Recover faster from your tough CrossFit workouts with Cold Therapy Equipment from Rogue. If you feel tired and low on energy, trying cold therapy can help you. Not only does it boost your energy, but it also boosts your immune system and reduces day-to-day stress and anxiety. Cold therapy lowers skin and muscle temperature, thus reducing blood flow and metabolic functions. As an effect, inflammation and swelling are reduced, and pain is also reduced. Here is the cold therapy gear you can get now, from Rogue: Cold Therapy Equipment from Rogue – Overview Cold therapy has become a more and more prominent way of enhancing one’s recovery and performance and decreasing day-to-day stress and anxiety. But though cold therapy has [Read more …]

Rogue 29mm Stump Bar in the gym
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Rogue 29mm Stump Bar – Shorty Ohio Bar in Stainless Steel

In a tight workout space? (Like a home or garage gym?) You may want to look at the new Rogue 29mm Stump Bar. It’s an Ohio bar that’s shorter than average – but still rackable! A shorter sleeve bar doesn’t mean less functionality. Short barbells from Rogue will prove that they can do better than other short bars. They are even used in CrossFit Games! You can do different lifts like Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and more with these short bars. Get these shorty bars now from Rogue Fitness: Rogue 29mm Stump Bar – Overview Small yet outstanding compact barbell provides you the same functions and benefits as a typical sized barbell. Rogue manufactures shorter versions of the stainless steel Ohio [Read more …]