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Did you catch the Rogue Alpaca Sled at the CrossFit Games? You can now get your own – from Rogue Fitness – of course.

The Rogue Alpaca Sled is a new adaption of the Echo Dog Sled that highlights a set of single-formed, bent steel handles and a unique, loadable pan attachment. You can add weight to the steel pan without them falling out while in use. It had its debut at the 2022 CrossFit Games and is versatile and efficient for any sled workout.

Rogue Alpaca Sled with an athlete 8
Justin Medeiros (winner of both the ’21 and ’22 CrossFit Games) pushes the Rogue Alpaca Sled. This was the ’22 edition of the games where this new type of sled debuted. (Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness)

As seen at the CrossFit Games 2022 -the Alpaca Sled:

Rogue Alpaca Sled (Black) Made in the USA. The fundamental components of the Alpaca Sled are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and are finished in Rogue's texture black powder coat. This is one versatile sled - notice how the handle lets you use a vertical or horizontal grip.

Rogue Alpaca Sled – Overview

The Alpaca Sled has the key benefits of the original Rogue Echo Dog Sled, including the 0.25” plate steel construction, compact footprint, laser-cut Rogue branding, and optional protective plastic skis and dragging straps. The steel pan measures 21.5” x 13.5”, and you can add weight in the form of kettlebells, bumper plates, dumbbells, sandbags, etc. It provides total body strength and conditioning training that helps you lose body fat quickly, increase lateral speed, improve strength, and strengthen knees and joints.

Rogue Alpaca Sled with an athlete 6
Rogue Alpaca Sled with an athlete. Notice that you can fill up the pan with pretty much anything – including kettlebells, bumper plates, dumbbells, sandbags, etc. (Rogue Alpaca Sled)

The Alpaca Sled is made from 3/16” welded steel with a pan attachment that conveniently bolts straight to the frame of the Echo Dog Sled. It allows regular use of the sled’s weight post and pulling anchor points through the 2” diameter center hole and two carabiner holes. You can remove the plate post at any time to use more of the full loadable footprint of the pan. The pair of single-formed bent steel handles come standard with the complete Alpaca Kit or are available separately as an upgrade for existing Echo Dog Sled owners. They measure 1.9” in diameter and can be set on either end of the sled at heights of 31.75” and 12”, respectively.

Rogue Alpaca Sled front right
The Alpaca Sled can function more like a traditional push sled – with a weight post in the middle – so you can stack Olympic plates securely. (Rogue Alpaca Sled)

Because they have more surface area than traditional sled handles, they allow both vertical (neutral grip) and horizontal (pronated grip) hand placement, as well as upright and low-angle body positioning. The Alpaca Sled also comes with a stack spacer that can be placed over the weight post and positioned in the Alpaca pan. It helps protect the pan and any added-weight plates from metal-on-metal damage and prohibits pinch points when loading plates.

Rogue Alpaca Sled main
Rogue Alpaca Sled – the innovative sled handles allow for either a vertical (neutral grip) or horizontal (pronated grip). It’s nice to be able to switch things up. (Rogue Alpaca Sled)

Rogue Alpaca Sled – In Summary

That’s the new Rogue Alpaca Sled.

The Rogue Alpaca Sled is made in the USA and was designed specifically for the 2022 CrossFit Games – and now it is available to you. The Alpaca Sled uses an Echo Dog Sled as its base, so those who already have an Echo Dog Sled can order an Alpaca Handle Kit or Alpaca Pan Kit a la carte, which can be attached to the existing sled using ½” x 1-½” Hex Bolts.

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Rogue Alpaca Sled with an athlete 5
Rogue Alpaca Sled with an athlete. (Rogue Alpaca Sled)

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Rogue Alpaca Sled with an athlete 3
Rogue Alpaca Sled with an athlete. (Rogue Alpaca Sled)

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