Nike Savaleos Versus Nike Romaleos

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Let’s review Nike Weightlifting Shoes available in 2021. We’re going to compare the brand-new Savaleos to the Romaleos.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (21)
Savaleos Vs Romaleos – Which is the best Oly lifter for you? Read on to find out.

Both are Oly weightlifting shoes. Both have a wide and stable base. Both have a strap. Both are known for their strength and stability. But what exactly makes the Nike Romaleos distinct from the Nike Savaleos? Keep on reading to learn and see what fits you better.

Here are some of the styles we are going to look at:

Let’s compare these two – head to head.

Nike Savaleos Versus Romaleos 4 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel and see both shoes side by side!

Bottom line? This Savaleos is a winner. It works for the intended purpose and it’s $80 cheaper than the Romaleos 4!

It feels less “extreme” – quieter, lighter, easier to walk in – given the lesser drop.

But, the Romaleos 4 is clearly still the hardcore lifting shoe. Get that one if you want the ultimate in stability.

Savaleos Versus Romaleos – Overview

Let’s get to the bottom of this comparison by starting at the bottom – or the outsole.

Since they are both weightlifting shoes, the Romaleos and Savaleos have a solid base and convenient heels to hold you while you are lifting. The difference between the two is their use – the Savaleos is also a crosstraining shoe. It has a wider sole than the Romaleos and has a firmer grip around the toe-box. This is to support plyometric exercises as well as some side movements.

Savales Versus Romaleos - Sole
Both have a flat, rubber coated outsole and give good grip (in the gym). The Romaleos has a cutout in the center section but that doesn’t seem to impact traction.

Both use similar ingredients in the outsole. Flat, maximum contact area – and both give good grip on the gym floor.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (32)
Here’s the outsole of the Savaleos. These are brand new and were too small – so went back in the box.

Here’s where there is a compelling difference though – the Romaleos 4 is noisy. It’s the noisiest shoe of any type I’ve ever tested.

It makes a noticeably higher-pitched clapping sound when you lift (or walk). I’ve compared this to the Reebok Legacy Lifter (I and II), Adipower, and of course the Savaleos.

I think it’s the flared base with the relatively thin, stiff plastic. As shown here:

Romaleos Versus Savaleos which is quieter?
Is this source of the noise on the Romaleos 4? That thin and stiff flared heel makes a lot of sound.

The other thing you get from the heel is less drop in the Savaleos. It’s between 12-15 mm (according to Nike support) where as the Romaleos is 19mm/20mm.

It’s less clunky to walk in these – and 15mm is still plenty of drop in my opinion.

But – if you want that extra drop – you’ll have to get it from the Romaleos 4.

Savaleos Versus Romaleos Drop in the Heel
Savaleos has noticeably less heel to toe drop than the Romaleos 4. This makes it feel less clunky when you are walking around.

The Savaleos are also a bit lighter per shoe.

AND it has more cushion! Not a lot, but definitely more than the Romaleos.

(The Romaleos effectively have zero cushion.)

But, let’s face it. Nobody is going for distance in their Oly lifters. So it probably doesn’t matter.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (26)
The dual midfoot straps on the Romaleos 4 are better for a precision fit, as compared to the single strap on the Savaleos.

I do prefer the dual strap setup on the Romaleos 4. It feels like you can better dial in the fit precisely how you want it.

In comparison, the Savaleos’ single strap will get the job done, but it’s not as customizable.

Here’s another similarity – they are both sized the same.

Both have a narrow, pointy toe area.

I recommend you go 1/2 size up for both shoes -the Nike Romaleos 4 and the Nike Savaleos.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (10)
Both shoes have a pointy toe area (seen here from underneath.) I recommend you go 1/2 size up on both. That’s what I had to do.

Lastly, I’ll say the materials feel a little more premium to me in the Romaleos 4.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (11)
The upper is not bad on the Savaleos but does feel a little cheaper than the Romaleos. Neither are very breathable though.

And that brings us to what might be the ultimate decision-maker for you.

The Savaleos is nearly $80 cheaper than the Romaleos 4.

Savaleos vs Romaleos - Price
The Savaleos is nearly $80 cheaper than the Romaleos 4.

Savaleos Versus Romaleos 4 – In Summary

That’s our review of Savaleos versus the Romaleos.

Nike made a less extreme and more mainstream version of their weightlifting shoe – and that’s the Savaleos.

With less drop, less weight, more cushion, and less noise – it’s altogether a more versatile shoe.

Hardcore weightlifters probably want to stick with the Romaleos 4 to get the ultimate in stability – but the Savaleos is going to be just fine for most people.

And they are $80 cheaper.

Still need to find out more? Check out our Savaleos Shoe Review.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (2)
Winner? For most trainees I think it’s going to be the Savaleos.

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Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (39)
Closeup of the heel of the Savaleos.

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