Raptor AirBike from Fringe Sport

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Check out the new Raptor AirBike - only from Fringe Sport.

The assault bike market is hot – and Fringe Sport is joining the fray with the brand-new Raptor AirBike .

Riding on an air bike is a good alternative if you’ve been sick and tired of your cardio training. It will challenge your strength and get your heart pumping as it is a kind of resistance training. Working on an air bike is not easy —the harder you push, the higher the resistance.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike main
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike main

Here’s the new equipment, available NOW:

Raptor AirBike – Overview

Packed with 20 extra pounds, the Raptor Airbike has a reinforced base and fan for a smooth and steady ride no matter how fast you get. Anyone can ride on it and do WODing, HIIT, Tabata, recovery, sprints, long duration, and more. It is an amazing air bike with a welded all-steel fan, a wind guard, a belt drive for low maintenance, all-terrain tires, and a Bluetooth-capable monitor. With its ten adjustable seat height positions, you can have a comfortable ride no matter how tall or short you are.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike dimension
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike dimension

It weighs 130 pounds to guarantee a wobble-free and stable workout. This air bike has a full steel welded fan that will last through your workouts and provides a quiet ride so you can listen to your favorite music and even watch your favorite movie. It has a large monitor with buttons that are easy to understand. It also has Bluetooth capabilities that work with almost all trackers and an LCD console that makes it easy to track goal time, calories, distance, watts, and RPM.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike console
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike console

The dense, oversized tires on The Raptor are devised to move smoothly, even over the harshest terrain. It is belt-driven and gives you a lifetime of maintenance-free performance as it has no chain. It also has a water bottle holder, so you no longer have to leave the air bike to hydrate yourself.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike fan
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike fan

Raptor AirBike – In Summary

That’s our close-up look at Raptor AirBike from Fringe Sport.

The Raptor Air bike gives you a cardio workout, helps you lose weight, and pushes you to new heights to achieve a stronger and healthier you. It is overbuilt and over-designed for extreme durability and lifespan, offering a fitness-crushing performance. The air bike has a three-year warranty with world-class customer service.

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Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a user 2
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a user 2

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Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a user 1
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a user 1

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