Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack Review

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Let’s review the Deadlift Bar Jacks available from Rogue.

Rogue A-Jack view with a trainee
Why use a bar jack? Because it makes it super-simple to prop up the barbell – to load or unload weights.

What’s a deadlift bar jack? It’s a handy device that lets you quickly and easily prop up a barbell (even if heavily loaded) to add or remove plates.

Rogue, the leading manufacturer in strength and conditioning equipment, has now come up with new Deadlift bar jack options to improve your training.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack full view
Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack – this one let’s you jack up both sides of the bar at the same time – which is the ultimate in speed.

Here’s some of the bar jacks we are going to look at:

A-Jack (Green) Need a cheap and simple solution? The A-Jack is your best bet. Yes, it's made from plastic - but it still supports a bar loaded to 800 lbs. That also makes it lightweight and it'll fit into your gym bag. This is your best portable jack option.
Mini Deadlift Bar Jack (Black) Step up to steel with the Mini Deadlift Bar Jack. This is a small, semi-portable option. The bar's knurl won't be damaged as the bar rests on UHMW plastic.
Deadlift Bar Jack (Black/Gray) Prop up both sides of the bar at once with the full-size Deadlift Bar Jack. Like the mini, the bar rests on UHMW plastic.
Rogue HD Bar Jack (Black) Get serious with the Rogue HD Bar Jack. This is a heavy-duty option, but it also has wheels - so you can easily reposition a barbell - even when it's heavily loaded. The T-grip makes it easy to steer when doing so as well.

Let’s check these out.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel:

We got hands-on with the Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack because it’s a great option to help you get more from your training.

I wish I’d bought one of these 10 years ago!

You may also want to look at Rogue’s Olympic plate and powerlifting barbells– all of them are excellent.

Deadlift Bar Jack – Overview

Adding deadlifts to your workout routine will definitely revolutionalize your workout training. Deadlifts work your entire body, boost killer strength, help avoid injury, save you precious time, and are very easy to incorporate in your workout.

As you get stronger, it is more challenging to load and unload all the weight plates necessary.

This is one of the biggest dilemmas with the deadlift – especially in cases where there are numerous people training on the same barbell at the same time.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack full view
The beauty of having a bar jack is not wasting energy on loading or unloading the bar. It also makes things quicker – which is a must for group training.

Using a deadlift bar jack is a simple solution to that problem.

There are two main benefits: speed and efficiency.

You can prop up the barbell with less effort – and that makes it easier to load or unload plates.

Being able to change weight on the bar quickly is a must in a group training setting.

A Deadlift bar jack is usually not the first item you’d think to acquire for your garage gym. But, having one can take your training to the next level and gives a noticeable difference.

Move through your warm-ups and heavy lifts in record time – with less strain on your lower back, and with more gas in the tank for the heavy sets.

In this article, we will be showing you different kinds of deadlift bar jacks from Rogue and what they can do to help bring efficiency to your deadlifts.

Rogue HD Bar Jack full side view
Officiating a powerlifting meet? The Rogue HD Bar Jack might be your best option.


The A-Jack was developed by CrossFit Gym Owner Mark Nolan and is made from durable injection-molded plastic.

Rogue A-Jack to be placed under
A-JACK – With a strong, triangular A-frame foundation that measures 9-⅛” tall with a 7” wide x 2” thick base it can support a barbell with 800 lbs loaded on it.


Yes, plastic.

It’s light, it’s small (and therefore portable) and it can be used with a barbell loaded to 800 lbs or so.

Can you deadlift 800 lbs? Didn’t think so…

The user can easily locate the angled top portion of the A-Jack under the bar (at the interior edge of the sleeve) and can smoothly roll the bar into a balanced elevated position for effortless plate loading or unloading. It’s as easy as just rolling the bar back off the jack when finished. The A-Jack can effectively load both ends of a bar for deadlifts up to 800+ LBS in total.

Rogue A-Jack in the bag
Because the A-JACK is plastic, it’s both lightweight and affordable. It will even fit in your gym bag. And there is zero chance it’s going to mess up the knurl.

What are the downsides? Well, it’s a one-sided affair – you’ll have to prop up each side of the bar separately.

Mini Deadlift Bar Jack

This mini version of the standard 42″ of Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack allows users a more space-efficient and convenient choice for elevating a loaded bar off the floor.

Rogue A-Jack full view
Here’s a one-sided steel option – made from 2×2" 11 gauge steel.

The Mini Deadlift Bar Jack fixes the problem of changing plates during deads or other lifts that start from the ground, particularly if various users are sharing the same bar.

The drill is simple: Just prop the jack under one end of the bar, pull it back to uplift, then glide on more weight just like you would if the bar was racked.

Rogue Mini Deadlift Bar Jack close view with a barbell
Rogue Mini Deadlift Bar Jack close view with a barbell

Won’t the steel mess up the knurl on your precious barbell? Nope – this bar jack has a steel cup lined with protective UHMW plastic.

Deadlift Bar Jack

Here’s my favorite version.

Prop up both sides at once, and this device doesn’t break the bank either.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack side view
Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack side view

The full-size Deadlift Bar Jack can lift any standard barbell from floor level, granting effortless loading/unloading of weight.

Just prop the jack under the bar, pull the handle back to elevate, and slide on more weight just like you would if the bar was racked.

Like the Mini it has a 1/4” thick formed steel cup with protective UHMW plastic with a handle length of 42″.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack (4)
Close-up of the steel cup and the UHMW plastic that protects the knurl on the bar. That’s a Rogue bearing bar (and an expensive one).
Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack (6)
Here’s one more super-closeup.

By the way, all of these bar jacks are made in the USA. Check out the beefy construction:

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack (1)
Beefy construction. This is a bolt-together design so shipping is reasonable.

HD Bar Jack

The Rogue HD Bar Jack is an entirely convenient variation of its Deadlift Bar Jack. It is durable and includes six embossed wheels to instantly roll the bar from a loading area to a lifting area regardless of the weight added.

Rogue Mini Deadlift close-up
Rogue HD Bar Jack – It’s the most expensive option but it let’s you move a fully loaded barbell with ease – thanks to the six wheels underneath.

To assure a refined steady roll even when moving the unit around angles, the Rogue HD Bar Jack consists of a bearing and two bushings, while each of its wheels measures 72mm in diameter.

Rogue Mini Deadlift end close-up
Rogue HD Bar Jack end close-up – Those wheels will support a lot.

Like the others, it’s made in the USA and has a protective UHMW plastic lining for the barbell.

Because you have to be able to “steer” this one it also has a T-Handle with a rubberized grip.

As icing on the cake this one has laser-cut Rogue branding in the endplates.

Rogue HD Bar Jack without rings
Rogue HD Bar Jack side view skeleton

That one is pretty nice, but overkill for most home or garage gyms.

Still, if moving a loaded barbell is a need – this one certainly is your pick.

Deadlift Bar Jack Review – In Summary

Rogue’s Deadlifts Bar Jacks are reliable and strong and make loading and unloading a bar so much easier.

That means you don’t waste energy loading or unloading the bar – and you get more from your training.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack (10)-crop
We tested the Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack. Verdict? I wish I’d bought one of these 10 years ago.

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Rogue HD Bar Jack full side view
Rogue HD Bar Jack full side view

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