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Custom Bumper Plates from Rogue

Got a home gym or garage gym. It’s YOUR gym – so make it look like your YOUR Gym with these Rogue Color Training 2.0 Zeus Custom Bumpers. What’s cool about this? You can put a custom LOGO and TEXT on the plates! The Rogue Color Training 2.0 is a heavy-duty dead-blow bumper plate updated with new artwork and a gloss-matte-gloss finish. Now you can even customize your 2.0 plates with your own style, custom logo, custom text, or add a Rogue design through the ZEUS customization tools. Only from Rogue: Rogue Color Training 2.0 Zeus Custom Bumpers – Overview Using the ZEUS customization tools in the purchase area, you can now order the Color LB Training Plates 2.0 with [Read more …]

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Stylish Bumper Plates

Break out of the ordinary with some stylish looking Bumper Plates for your home gym. Bring spark and life to your lifting with these bumper plates with flair from different respected brands in the sports industry. These are not your usual bumper plates. Aside from their good looks, they are also durable and made from excellent materials. Here’s some good looking gear for the garage gym: Bumper Plates with Flair – Overview Bumper weight plates are constructed from high-density rubber enfolding a steel core to deliver the preferred weight. They are created to fit a standard 2-inch Olympic barbell and are employed primarily for Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit. Bumper plates can be dropped since they are way quieter than steel [Read more …]

Rep Fitness Animal Print Bumper Plates 35lb
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Animal Print Bumper Plates

Here’s a wild-looking oly plate for your garage gym: the Animal Print Bumper Plates from Rep Fitness. Bumper plates are quieter than metal plates and are created not to harm the bar, floor, and surroundings when dropped. They have a weighted steel center protected by a thick, solid rubber coating, making them perfect for training that involves dropping the plates from overhead or shoulder height, like Olympic weightlifting, cross-training, and HIIT workouts. Get yours now, only from Rep Fitness: Animal Print Bumper Plates – Overview Bring nature to your home gym with Rep Fitness’ Animal Print Bumper Plates. These bumper plates have a patent-pending design with animal prints like zebra, tiger, snake, giraffe, and leopard. They are highly reliable and [Read more …]

Fringe Sport Pink Bumper Plates (Pairs) - PRE-ORDER with users
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Fringe Sport Pink Bumper Plates Pre-Order

Let’s take a look at Pink Bumper Plates (Pairs) – PRE-ORDER. Bumper plates are iron or steel in the center and covered in a thick protective layer of rubber, while iron or steel plates are formed from raw material and are usually coated in a protective layer. They are covered in rubber and tend to bounce back a bit when dropped. Fringe Sport offers Bumper Plates in Pink, and 5% of pre-order profits will go to Keep A Breast Foundation until October 31. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Pink Bumper Plates (Pairs) – PRE-ORDER – Overview Pink Bumper Plates are limited edition bumper plates, so pre-ordering is required. Each of these plates weighs [Read more …]

Rep Color Bumper Plates
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Rep Fitness Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are the most versatile Olympic sized plates you can use in your home gym or garage gym. These plates are made from rubber (or other materials) that allow you to safely drop them from overhead. They are quiet, durable, and can be used for the slow strength lifts – but they are a necessity for the quick Olympic lifts. If you are interested in the Oly lifting – you need bumper plates. It’s simply too much hassle to have to lower steel plates under control – it’s a waste of energy. Given that, we recommend bumper plates for your garage gym. The downside is that bumper plates are significantly more expensive than steel plates – and harder to [Read more …]

Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plate main
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Urethane Coated Iron Plates

Want plates that are going to look great forever? Check out Urethane Coated Iron Plates – cheaper than full urethane, but should look really good for a long time. Iron plates are made of almost pure iron that provides superior durability and precise weight measurements for a reasonably low cost. There are different plate coatings used in plates to make them durable, and one of the best coatings is urethane. Urethane coating is extremely impact-resistant and twice as durable as rubber coating. Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plate from Rogue: Urethane Coated Iron Plates – Overview Iron plates are the traditional weight plates most typically seen in non-specialized gyms. They are made by pouring molten iron into a circular mold or [Read more …]

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Pinnacle Plates

Put some style into your home gym with the new Pinnacle Plates from Rep Fitness. Quality bumper plates that look good too. Crumb bumper plates have the same design as the bumper plates, but crumb bumper plates are made of recycled rubber crumbs instead of virgin rubber. One of their advantages is they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even on surfaces such as grass and asphalt. Pinnacle plates – only from Rep: Pinnacle Plates – Overview The REP Pinnacle Plates are crumb rubber bumper plates highlighting a distinctive, embossed, Colorado-inspired mountain design. Crumb rubber has a softer bounce than typical bumpers and has greater durability over time. Bumpers are very versatile weight plates, making them suitable for Olympic [Read more …]

Rogue Ghost Calibrated Plates Kg 50kg
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Rogue Fitness Sale – Ghost Olympic Plates Closeout

For a limited time, Rogue Fitness is having a Ghost Olympic Plates Closeout Sale. Looking for economical yet quality Olympic plates? Look no further as Rogue is offering a Closeout Sale on these Ghost Olympic Plates. All sales are final, no returns: Ghost Olympic Plates Closeout Sale – Overview Olympic plates have the edge over traditional plates. They are ideal for a home gym if you plan to build one because they don’t take up too much space. These free weights are also more versatile, and the materials are of high quality. Another reason why they are more advantageous than standard plates is because they can hold more weight and are more stable on the bar. Though more expensive than [Read more …]

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Rogue LB Competition Plates – CrossFit Games 2021

Want to own a piece of history? Here’s your chance. Rogue’s selling at a discount the Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021. Competition Bumper Plates are plates used for Olympic lifting on a professional level. They are slimmer but more durable and undeniably more costly than basic bumpers. Rogue offers different kinds of Competition Bumper Plates used in the CrossFit Games 2021. But these aren’t just any bumpers – these are competition quality and they were used at the CrossFit Games 2021. They are marked in pounds (LB) not kilograms. That’s pretty neat. These likely won’t last long, but here is where you can get them. Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021 – Overview The Rogue [Read more …]

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Best Bumper Plate Storage

Let’s review the best bumper plate storage. Having a commercial or home gym is not all about getting all the equipment you need. These pieces of equipment need to be kept and stored neatly and orderly. Bumper plates specifically should be stored in racks and storages to preserve their quality so you can use them for a longer time. Here’s some of the equipment we are going to look at: Best Bumper Plate Storage – Overview Storing your bumper plates can be done in several ways. There are horizontal storages where you can store your bumper plates like dinner plates. There are also vertical trees, racks, carts, and storage with wheels, but whatever your preference is, there are some things [Read more …]