Nike Metcon 9 Review

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The Nike Metcon 9 is here and this is our hands-on review of Nike’s premier CrossFit-style training shoe.

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review -CrossFit shoe
The Nike Metcon 9 is here – and Nike has stuck to the playbook of the past few years – this is a solid, minimal-drop shoe that excels at weightlifting. But it is now more expensive than ever. (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)

The Metcon series is Nike’s ultimate, well-rounded cross-training shoe. The series is known for its enhanced flexibility for sprints and box jumps, greater stability for weightlifting, solid traction for sled pushes and rope climbs, breathability and comfort for distance running, and durability for everyday abuse. Because of its popularity and versatility, the series is now on its ninth iteration, with some upgrades and improvements.

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 43
All-rubber outsole for great grip and the rope wrap is there to protect the upper. (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)

The Nike Metcon 9 – new for 2023:

Nike Metcon 9 Men’s (White/Racer Blue/Obsidian/Pure Platinum) The Nike Metcon 9 Men’s was responsibly designed utilizing recycled materials from post-consumer and/or post-manufactured waste.
Nike Metcon 9 AMP (Phantom/Light Bone/Black) Take your Metcon 9 to the next level with the head-turning style of the AMP version. It's more expensive and looks great - but there's no performance difference as compared to the non-AMP shoe.

First, let’s take a tour of the shoe.

Nike Metcon 9 – Overview

What’s new? It’s the larger Hyperlift plate and added rubber rope wrap. Nike made it even bigger for stability when doing hard workouts like deadlifts, split squats, and other lower-body exercises. The plate helps force weight down and out while adding toughness to the heel. This toughness makes you feel grounded and supported, particularly under heavier loads.

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 40
This shoe has a stiff, tough heel. Don’t be alarmed by the fact you can see daylight through it. This thing is like a minimal heel raise lifter. VERY solid. (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)

Be aware that “Hyperlift” isn’t what it used to be. Since the Nike Metcon 7 “Hyperlift” refers to the stiff heel plate in the shoe (as opposed to the drop-in heel raises that came with the Nike Metcon 5 and 6.

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 32
Is it wider? Yes – that’s the Nike Metcon 8 on the right. You can see the heel is wider. (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)

The rubber wrap on the side was extended for durability and support so you can mount any rope climb with the same repeated velocity without concern about wear and tear. It stretches from the midsole to the upper and adds some support in the upper for multidirectional movements. The upper has a more reinforced toe cap and a wider upper area than the previous version.

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 62
The Nike Metcon shoes are known for their ostentatious rope wrap. This one really takes the cake. It covers much of the Swoosh and it goes WAY up the other side of the shoe. Fan or not a fan? Everyone needs to form their own opinion on this. (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)
Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 50
See what I mean? (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)
Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 13
It’s definitely functional though. That’s really tough rubber that won’t get abraded by the rope – no matter how much you climb. (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)

The upper is new. Functionally, it’s very similar to M8 and M7. Thick, tough, and not particularly breathable. (Unlike the M6 – which had big ole holes all over).

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 10
The upper is thick, tough, but not particularly breathable. The upper feels and looks high quality.

Another interesting feature of the new Metcon is the outsole. It still uses full rubber to provide durable traction for dynamic movements like cleans and walking lunges. There’s lots of surface area for great traction. And it’s good on turf too – which was a weakness in some of the earlier metcons (the M3/M4 was kinda slippery on turf).

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 48
Outsole is all rubber with lots of surface area for traction. Works great on gym floors and turf.

The heel area has increased protection to provide more stability, identical to the previous version but with more cushioning. The midsole uses a dual-density foam that is firm on the outside and soft on the inside to provide responsive cushioning for lasting comfort when you’re tortured on cardio and other movements. The lace lock system of the Nike Metcon 9 is also somewhat revised and is now attached to the shoe tongue to keep your laces in place.

Nike Metcon 9 also comes in the AMP and EasyOn versions. The AMP version is the fancier-looking version of the Metcon. It has a visual upgrade with bolder styles and different colorways and also uses new materials. With this, you’ll pay a little extra for the superior look. The other version is EasyOn, which has the Nike FlyEase technology to help make your Metcon 9 easy to put on and take off.

We did not review the AMP version of the shoe – but historically the AMP is a style upgrade with no functional improvements.

Nike Metcon 9 Review – Sizing

I find the Metcon shoe line to be tight in the toe area. There’s just not enough width for me in my normal shoe size – so I always go 1/2 size up.

Everyone’s foot shape is different though. But I can say these fit similar to the Nike Metcon 7 and Nike Metcon 8 – so if you have one of those consider getting the same size.

Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 45
The Metcon line is tight in the toe box for me – so I always go 1/2 size up. These are Men’s US 11.5 size.

Nike Metcon 9 Review – Why so heavy?

There’s no denying, the Nike Metcon 9 has porked up a bit. It’s almost a full 2 ounces heavier per shoe – as compared to the Nike Metcon 8 and the Nike Metcon 7.

Nike Metcon 9 Review - Weight of Shoe 1
At 15 ounces, this shoe is significantly heavier than the previous editions.

Why is it heavier? Well, that stiff Hyperlift plate probably has something to do with it. It’s bigger – so it’s got to weigh more. I’ll be the increased mass of the wrap around rope wrap is a factor too – but I’m not going to rip the shoes apart to figure that out.

At any rate, it’s a heavy shoe. But the Metcon series shoes were never light-weight – because they are built like a tank.

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review - weight of shoe 2
By comparison, the Nike Metcon 8 is a svelte 13.2 Ounces per shoe (Men’s US 11.5). The Metcon 7 is the same.

Does an extra 1.8 – 2 oz matter? It might over a long distance or long time period. All things equal, I like lighter shoes rather than heavier.

Nike Free Metcon 5 Shoe Review - Weight of Shoe 2
The Free Metcon 5 is even lighter still – despite it’s big and bulky appearance.

Nike Metcon 9 Review – In Summary

That’s our review of the Nike Metcon 9.

Let Metcon 9 journey with you and take you to your fitness goals. This shoe makes it all worth it and is still the gold standard that delivers day after day. It is tougher and stronger with its bigger Hyperlift plate in the heel and gives you a secure feel with its lace lock system that fastens to the shoe tongue. This shoe is also durable and cool and provides responsive cushioning for lasting comfort.

Given that the Nike Metcon 9 is heavier and less versatile (and more expensive than ever) – my go to shoe for CrossFit style workouts in 2023 has been the Nike Free Metcon 5 – and I think it will continue to be.

You can read our Nike Free Metcon 5 Shoe Review to get more details on that.

Looking for more options? You can still find the Nike Metcon 7 (Recommended!) and Nike Metcon 8 in a limited set of sizes at some retailers (but they are getting very hard to find!)

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Nike Free Metcon 5 Shoe Review DSC_0038
Looking for another option? The Nike Free Metcon 5 is cheaper, more versatile, lighter, more comfortable, and still works great for 95% of that CrossFit workout. I’d use the Nike Metcon 9 for any PR lifts (Oly or powerlifting) but otherwise, it’s the Nike Free Metcon 5 for me. It’s also available in retina-scorching color combos like these. (Photo Credit: Fit at Midlife/Nike Free Metcon 5)

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Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review 53
Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoe Review. (Photo Credit: Fit At Midlife/Nike Metcon 9)