Rogue USA Olympic Plates casted
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Rogue Olympic Plates – Made in the USA

Want made in the USA gym equipment? You can’t beat Rogue – check out their latest Rogue USA Olympic Plates. Olympic plates are known for their versatility, and they are more advantageous than standard plates. They are more stable on the weight lifting bar and are built to hold a greater total weight. Olympic Plates from Rogue are less likely to crack, chip, and have a superior finish with bold raised lettering and numbering. They are made in the USA with weight tolerance that is almost perfect. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue USA Olympic Plates – Overview Each Rogue USA Olympic Plate, from the 55LB increment to the 0.25LB change plate, highlights a [Read more …]

Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench in the gym
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Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench

Need a strong bench? Here’s the Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench. A competition bench is created to meet all competition specifications. It is an upper-body exercise that increases the strength of your chest, shoulders, and arms and is popular among bodybuilders and Crossfitters. It also improves bone health and gives you crazy strong triceps. The movement is consists of setting up, grabbing the bar, unracking, lowering the bar, and pressing. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench – Overview The Monster Lite Competition Bench offers a new patent-pending Rogue design, emphasizing 3×3” 11-gauge steel tubing (as well as 3/8″ and 1/4” flat plate where needed), completed in a medium gloss Black [Read more …]

Rogue Bandit Challenge

Rogue Bandit Challenge

Get ready for the Rogue Bandit Challenge. Are you ready for Rogue’s Bandit Challenge? The Bandit Challenge is a twelve-hour challenge consists of three events: 1 Mile (1600M) Run – The athlete with the fastest 1 Mile run time will earn the most points. 1 Rep Max Front Squat – The athlete with the heaviest 1 Rep Max Front Squat will earn the most points. Max Repetition Chin-Up – The athlete with the most, unbroken, strict chin-ups will earn the most points. This challenge will run from August 27 at 9 AM EST – August 30 at 8 PM EST. Rogue Bandit Challenge – Overview Eligibility Standards and Age Groups This challenge is open for men and women ages 14 [Read more …]

Rogue LB Competition Plates - 2021 Games with an athlete 4
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Rogue LB Competition Plates – CrossFit Games 2021

Want to own a piece of history? Here’s your chance. Rogue’s selling at a discount the Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021. Competition Bumper Plates are plates used for Olympic lifting on a professional level. They are slimmer but more durable and undeniably more costly than basic bumpers. Rogue offers different kinds of Competition Bumper Plates used in the CrossFit Games 2021. But these aren’t just any bumpers – these are competition quality and they were used at the CrossFit Games 2021. They are marked in pounds (LB) not kilograms. That’s pretty neat. These likely won’t last long, but here is where you can get them. Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021 – Overview The Rogue [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness Timebirds Timer front
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Gym Timers from Rogue

Bring a whole new dimension to your home gym workout with a gym timer. Here’s some of the best gym timers from Rogue. Counting yourself up or down while working out doesn’t have to be a burden. You can actually clock and track your interval sessions the easy way with Rogue Gym Timers. These timers help build structure and add measurability to workouts so you can continuously progress and attain goals with strength and endurance exercises. Here are some of the timers that Rogue has available now: Gym Timers from Rogue – Overview Whether you are running a gym or prefer to exercise at home, a reliable timer can help you keep track of time and your workout. It provides [Read more …]

Garmin Instinct Solar Smartwatch main
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Garmin Smartwatches from Rogue

Let’s look at the Garmin Smartwatches available from Rogue. If you are an athlete or an active person, then definitely you own at least one smartwatch. Smartwatches do more than just showing you the time – they make your life easier and more convenient, especially when you are on the go or running for miles. The Apple Watch isn’t the only Smartwatch in town. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Garmin Smartwatches – Overview One of the most essential features of a smartwatch is its ability to track your fitness, and this is especially crucial for athletes and fitness freaks. It can count steps, distance, heart rate, calories, SPO2, sleep pulse rate, and some [Read more …]

Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0 user 2
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Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0 Product Highlight

Rogue makes excellent gym equipment and here is their latest: the Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0. An adjustable bench is an effective way to hit different body muscles, especially muscles not targeted when doing other exercises. It allows you to sit or lie down, making it easier and more comfortable to do specific exercises. Sitting or lying on the bench also provides stability to effectively workout. If you are new to weightlifting, one of the difficulties you will encounter is managing a proper position while lifting the weight. With an adjustable bench, you will get enough support so you won’t fall over. You can do plenty of different exercises with an adjustable bench, but the most common exercises are Ab Crunch, [Read more …]

Fringe Sport Medicine Ball V4 lunges
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Medicine Balls

Here’s a classic piece of gym equipment – the Medicine Ball If you are familiar with barbells but not with medicine balls, this article will help inform you about this amazing workout gear. Medicine balls are rounded balls and are heavy-weighted that come in various sizes and weights with various ranges of fitness purposes. They are perceived to be one of the most varied pieces of exercise equipment, beneficial for toning about every part of the body, and are also widely used in multiple kinds of physical therapy. Here are some of the equipment that you can buy now from Fringe Sports, Rogue, Rep, and others: Medicine Balls – Overview Medicine balls started their record more than 2,000 years ago [Read more …]

Torque Fitness Wall Ball Target with a user
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Wall Balls

Got Wall Balls? If not – this article is for you. Let’s look at this unique, fun workout device. Wall balls are an amazing exercise accessory for increasing strength, explosiveness, and cardiovascular endurance. Wall ball exercise is a functional, full-body exercise that you can add to any strength or cardiovascular workout to enhance effectiveness. It is part of CrossFit but is now used in any fitness facility because of its benefits. Here are some of the great gear we are going to look at – from several different manufacturers. Wall Balls – Overview Wall balls are a functional exercise that can help you in everyday movements, and not just in the gym. Wall balls reflect the dreaded thruster as they [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness Color Medicine Balls main
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Color Medicine Balls from Rogue

Rogue Fitness just dropped new Color Medicine Balls – let’s take a look. Medicine balls bring new quality and dimension to your training and are an exciting gear that aids in training athletes. These balls are also used for physical therapy or rehabilitation and can be used as an alternative for other kinds of training when safety or injury is a problem. Training with medicine balls enhances athletic strength and skills by copying the same moves demanded in the ring, field, or court. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Color Medicine Balls from Rogue – Overview To improve core strength, endurance, and explosiveness, many turn to medicine balls. They are great for presses, wall ball [Read more …]