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Nike Metcon 9 Review

The Nike Metcon 9 is here and this is our hands-on review of Nike’s premier CrossFit-style training shoe. The Metcon series is Nike’s ultimate, well-rounded cross-training shoe. The series is known for its enhanced flexibility for sprints and box jumps, greater stability for weightlifting, solid traction for sled pushes and rope climbs, breathability and comfort for distance running, and durability for everyday abuse. Because of its popularity and versatility, the series is now on its ninth iteration, with some upgrades and improvements. The Nike Metcon 9 – new for 2023: First, let’s take a tour of the shoe. Nike Metcon 9 – Overview What’s new? It’s the larger Hyperlift plate and added rubber rope wrap. Nike made it even bigger [Read more …]

Nike Free Metcon 5 Versus Nike Metcon 8 - How do you choose?
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Nike Free Metcon 5 Versus Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review

If you are shopping for a CrossFit-style training shoe in the year 2023 – two of the best shoes are the Nike Free Metcon 5 and the Nike Metcon 8. What’s the difference? Is one better than the other? How do you decide? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article – this is Nike Free Metcon 5 versus Nike Metcon 8. Get the Nike Metcon 8 or the Nike Free Metcon 5 from these vendors: Let’s compare and contrast these two shoes. Nike Free Metcon 5 Versus Nike Metcon 8 – Overview The Nike Free Metcon line has been a big hit for Nike. The Nike Free Metcon 3, 4, and 5 are all basically the same shoe. I have [Read more …]

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Nike Volt – Shockingly Good Looking Cross Trainers

Ready to be seen in the gym? Get a load of Nike’s “Volt” color (it’s sort of a yellow-green – and it’s hard to capture in photos) – and it is BRIGHT! Check out Nike Volt – Shockingly Good Looking Cross Trainers. Cross-training is a fitness regimen that combines high-intensity interval training and targeted functional movements. It includes exercises like aerobic exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Nike created cross trainers and shoes to help you confidently get through all these exercises while keeping you comfortable and stable. They also help you stay focused on reaching your goals and push past them. Check out these cross-trainers from Nike that come in a dazzling volt color. Set retinas on fire (or [Read more …]

Reebok Nano Classic Shoes side view
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Nano Classic Shoes

Reebok brings back a classic with the Nano Classic Shoes. The Nano line is created to assist athletes through high-impact activities like weightlifting, HIIT, and short-distance running. One of its best features is a generous toe box and excellent grips for rope climbing exercises. The Nano Classic, being part of the Nano series, combines both fashion and fitness with different colorways to choose from. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nano Classic Shoes – Overview The Reebok Nano series was the first official athletic shoe especially created for CrossFit and was released in 2011. The Nano Classic is part workout shoe, part lifestyle aesthetics. Combining training and design, the Nano Classic features a luxurious [Read more …]

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F-Lite 245 Cardio Training Shoe from inov-8

Here’s the F-Lite 245 Cardio Training Shoe from inov-8. The F-Lite 245 Cardio Training Shoe is an excellent option whether you want to push yourself to the next level in the gym or take your training on the pavement. Created for versatility and durability, this shoe is a high-performance training shoe with unmatched lightweight construction and can be used for various training activities, from weightlifting to cardio and everything in between. The F-Lite 245 – from inov-8 F-Lite 245 Cardio Training Shoe from inov-8 – Overview The F-Lite 245 is a versatile training shoe ideal for gym workouts and speed training sessions. This shoe combines performance and feather-light comfort and helps you push your limits to reach your fitness goals. [Read more …]

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Weightlifting Shoes by inov-8

Need shoes for heavy lifting? Let’s take a look at the latest Weightlifting Shoes by inov-8. If you see weightlifters wearing weightlifting shoes, it’s because wearing them has benefits. They are developed to increase the force you can deliver into the ground while lifting a heavy weight. Weightlifting shoes have a raised heel that lets you get deeper into your squats and classical lifts in Olympic Weightlifting. Oly lifters from inov-8: Weightlifting Shoes by inov-8 – Overview Weightlifting shoes are different from running or cross-training shoes in many ways. They have a distinct look—having a flat, stiff sole with a raised heel between .5 inch to 1 inch. They are bulky and heavy with a big, thick strap across the [Read more …]

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inov-8 Bare XF V3 Minimalist Shoe

Don’t like training in shoes? If you workout in a gym – you have to wear shoes. It’s usually in the rules. Check out the inov-8 Bare XF V3 Minimalist Shoe. It is rare to see athletes going shoeless when running or training, but barefoot training or training with minimal foot coverage offer plenty of benefits. Barefoot training helps build strength in your feet muscles, enhances balance, stability, and coordination, and activates your glutes and core. There are barefoot shoes available if you still want to wear something during training, and they allow you to experience barefoot training with protection from sharp objects. Only from inov-8: inov-8 Bare XF V3 Minimalist Shoe – Overview The inov-8 Bare XF V3 is [Read more …]

Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 Review 35
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Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2 New Color

Tne Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2 is the ONLY Nike shoe for cross training that combines both React foam and a Zoom Air cushion. There’s now a new color too – check out the Iron Grey/Black/Phantom/Black colorway. Put an adrenalizing speed into your everyday workout with the Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2. Combining stability and responsiveness, this shoe helps you move fast during circuit training, high-intensity intervals on the treadmill, or a squeezed-in cardio workout. New colorways are now available to add energy to your training. The newest Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2: Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2 – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth. This is a different color, but results will be the [Read more …]

inov-8 F-Lite Fly G 295 Mens Cross Training Shoe worn by an athlete
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F-Lite Fly G 295 Men’s Cross Training Shoe

Want a light weight shoe for your CrossFit style workout? Check out the F-Lite Fly G 295 Men’s Cross Training Shoe from inov-8. For athletes who want both style and function in their shoes, the F-Lite Fly G 295 is a high-performance cross-training shoe that has both and shines in dynamic movements and running-based workouts. It has a streamlined, lightweight design that feels fast and light when running and has superior stability and support for bodyweight movements. Amazingly light – but tough: Let’s find out more about this amazing light-weight shoe. F-Lite Fly G 295 Men’s Cross Training Shoe – Overview Excelling on explosive-style running and bodyweight exercises, the F-Lite Fly G 295 will be loved by hybrid-focused athletes who [Read more …]

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Nike Free Metcon 5 Shoe Review

The latest Nike Free Metcon shoe has been a smash hit – it’s very comfortable and it performs well in the gym (or the CrossFit box). Here’s the newest Nike Free Metcon 5 – in a drop-dead gorgeous “Volt” color. Cross-training requires your shoes to do different sports, aerobic movements, and resistance training and should provide you with endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance to do them. The good news is there’s a shoe that can do that and give the support you need as you train. The Nike Free Metcon 5 can meet you in the depths, help you dig deep to find that final ounce of force, and come out of the other side on a high. Get it [Read more …]