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Pumpkin Spice Bar from Fringe Sport

It’s that time of year – get your Pumpkin Spice Bar – from Fringe Sport (of course). Are you aiming for muscles and strength? Then the barbell is the key. Not only is it great for gaining strength and muscles, but it is also great for endurance work and in making significant gains. Performing compound exercises build the needed pressure and stress through various muscles and movement patterns. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Pumpkin Spice Bar – Overview The Pumpkin Spice Bar is born in the USA with American sourced steel. The story of the Pumpkin Spice Bar started when a local pumpkin farmer approached fringe Sport personnel with extra stock for the [Read more …]

Fringe sport's Summer Swolestice sale will be July 16th - July 23rd, 2018 and will include some crazy steep discounts on great functional fitness equipment such as barbells, weights, and much, much more.
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Fringe Sport Sales – Black Friday 2019

NEW FOR 2022! Check out Black Friday Gym Equipment Deals. Fringe Sport Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Fringe Sport always has a large sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Fringe Sport Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for 2019 began with “lightning deals” for the entire week of Thanksgiving – that’s time limited, limited quantity sales. Their Black Friday Sale ran from Thursday, November 28th at 11pm CT – In other words this is a proper Black Friday sale, somewhat. Tthis is a short sale. It ended on Cyber Monday (Dec 2nd) A highlight of their black friday sale is always the LIGHTNING DEALS they have – fast sales announced on very short notice with limited quantities – but [Read more …]

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The Chewy Bar (Powerlifting Bar/Stainless) from American Barbell

American Barbell has launched the The Chewy Bar. It’s a stainless steel powerlifting barbell. Powerlifting bars are the most common barbell used to perform squats, presses, and deadlifts. When getting a powerlifting bar, the feel of the knurling, the convenience of sliding big plates on and off, and the ability to endure the heaviest load without bending are some of the features that will tell you your bar is of high quality. The Chewy Bar – new from American Barbell (and made in the USA): The Chewy Bar (Powerlifting Bar/Stainless) from American Barbell – Overview The IPF Spec, Stainless Steel Chewy Bar is the most recent addition to American Barbell’s best-in-class Power Lifting Olympic Barbell line. This bar pays tribute [Read more …]

A Rogue Olympic weightlifting barbell - loaded with Rogue training bumper plates
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Guide to Olympic Barbells

Before investing in quality and expensive barbells, understanding your barbell is the first step to consider. This way, you will be acquainted with the parts of the Olympic barbell, their purpose, and the kinds of features you should be getting for your best lifting experience. Let’s take a tour through the different parts of the barbell, and make sure we understand all the features and options for each. First stop – the shaft. We’re talking about Olympic barbells here – the big-boy barbells that have a 2″ diameter sleeve to accommodate Olympic sized plates. We’re not discussing the standard barbell – which is common in your local sporting goods store. That bar has only a 1″ sleeve diameter and doesn’t [Read more …]

The Bella Bar is Rogue’s go-to multipurpose 15KG barbell for female athletes. Fully machined and assembled in Columbus, Ohio, this versatile ladies bar is uniquely optitmized for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and/or a CrossFit WOD.
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Buyer’s Guide to Barbells – Barbell Types

In this article, we’re going to give you a tour of all the different kinds of barbells – and what each one is best for. With the different kinds of barbells you see in a gym or in a sports facility, you might be confused about which to use. Each of them has purposes and benefits for overall well-being. They vary in size, shape, knurling, whip or stiffness, and sleeves, yet they are all instrumental in strengthening your whole body, increasing your range of motion, improving your athletic performance, and much more. A single barbell allows you to do different exercises and movements to target different areas of the body, provide unique grips, and employ different muscles. We have to [Read more …]

Rogue Black Friday Sale 2022
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Garage Gym Black Friday Sales 2022

It’s November – and that means a lot of month-long Black Friday Sales 2022 from Rogue Fitness, Rep Fitness, and much more. Want to upgrade your garage gym to the gym of your dreams? Black Friday is the time to do it! You held back from purchasing those pieces of equipment before so you could get them at the right time at a lower price. That time has finally come! From power racks to tank push sleds and Bumper Plates, we’ve got it all for you. Check out the TONS of gym equipment on sale now from these vendors: Garage Gym Black Friday Sales 2022 – Overview Black Friday is the most significant retail sales day in the United States, [Read more …]

Rep Fitness AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench quarter left
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AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench

Want an awesome FID bench for your garage gym? Rep just dropped the AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench. This the 2nd version of their versatile FLAT INCLINE DECLINE (FID) bench Because of the range of angles the adjustable weight bench provides, you can adjust it to your preferred position to do different movements. An adjustable weight bench is an excellent option if you plan to do several exercises with just one bench. It has more utility, versatility, and intricacy, making it more expensive than a weight bench. There’s no better value for a FID Bench than this model from REP: AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench – Overview If you liked the AB-3000 for its optimal balance of performance [Read more …]

Fringe Sport Hells Bells Kettlebells with athlete 2
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Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells

Get in the Halloween spirit with these Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells from Fringe Sport. From their long history in Europe and Russia in the 1900s, kettlebells are now common equipment used for athletic training and competitive sport everywhere. They promote whole-body active movement for strength, power, and endurance training. They are found in the gym, sports facilities, and garages and are used to build muscles, tone the body, and burn fat. Only from Fringe Sport: Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells – Overview Need to know what to look for in the best kettlebells? They may not be your definition of “attractive-looking” kettlebells, but the Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells will definitely bring fire to your workouts. These kettlebells are made of solid cast iron and [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness Hyper Rope Battle Rope with an athlete
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Battle Rope Roundup

Looking for a fun way to get your cardio on? Check out these Battle Ropes. Elevate your strength and conditioning by integrating battle ropes into your training. Battle ropes are dense, heavy, and long, delivering powerful resistance and mobility to enhance strength and conditioning. They give plenty of benefits that better your form and performance in fitness, sports, and day-to-day life. There’s a great range of choices for battle ropes: Battle Rope Roundup – Overview From a mainstay tool in MMA and CrossFit, battle ropes are now used by strength coaches and trainers in nearly all sports to train athletes for power and explosiveness. Because of their considerable weight, battle ropes provide resistance which helps grow muscles. They are versatile [Read more …]

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Dad Bod Barbell Sale – Pizza and Donut Pair

It’s on. Fringe Sports Dad Bod Barbell sale features items such as the Pizza and Donut Pair. You are on a budget but also looking for quality and excellent equipment. You’ve come to the right place. Fringe Sport, the official supplier of the garage gym functional fitness movement, offers you the Dad Bod Barbell Sale. Take this opportunity to make your dream garage gym with quality but cheaper equipment in it. For a VERY LIMITED TIME : Pizza and Donut Pair – Overview Fringe Sport serves the lifter, the WODder, and everyone who wants to be better tomorrow. They deliver service, simplicity, speed, expertise, and value. People from Fringe Sport are also lifters who know what works and what does [Read more …]