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Nike Mat Fraser HWPO

Keep it fresh in the gym with the new HWPO Hard Work Pays Off collection from Mat Fraser and Nike. Nike, Rogue Fitness, and Mat Fraser come together again for another collection of HWPO apparel. The collection consists of different clothing for men and women designed and inspired by 5x “Fittest Man on Earth” Mat Fraser. Get it at Rogue: HWPO Hard Work Pays Off Apparel from Mat Fraser – Overview HWPO or Hard Work Pays Off is 5x CrossFit Games Champion, Mat Fraser’s personal mantra. It exemplifies tenacity, grit, unwavering focus, and greatness. This is also Mat’s inspiration for starting his online coaching business, HWPO Training. Before getting into CrossFit, Mat had a whole career in Olympic Weightlifting. He [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 8 MF (Matt Fraser Special Edition) right side
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Nike Metcon 8 MF (Mat Fraser Special Edition)

Surprise! Nike has just dropped the Nike Metcon 8 MF – Mat Fraser. This is the new Nike Metcon 8 – in a LIMITED special edition inspired by the 5x CrossFit champ. Suffering in the shadows and grinding alone when nobody else was looking made Mat Fraser a champion. And the special edition Metcon 8 MF – Mat Fraser depicts his journey as a CrossFit winner. Channel the champion in you with this shoe while celebrating Fraser’s meaningful moments and turning points. Get it while you can: Nike Metcon 8 MF – Mat Fraser – Overview The Metcon 8 is the latest iteration in the Metcon family, and the MF design gets all the remarkable features of this shoe. This [Read more …]

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Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser Available Again

It’s back – and in all kinds of sizes. Get your Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser personal edition – from Road Runner Sports. Good news to those who didn’t get their pair of Metcon 7 Mat Fraser! Nike is offering it again to bring a spark to Fraser’s fans and to their workout. Want it? Here’s some of the styles you can get now: Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth. Here’s what we found: The Metcon 7 Mat Fraser embodies the Fittest Man on Earth and 5X CrossFit Games Champion’s “Broken to Best” story. It features Fraser’s signature along the medial side and two insole prints and comes in [Read more …]

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Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser

Here’s the new Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser PE. It’s available now – but is selling out quickly. Nike launched the latest variation of the Metcon family with Metcon 7 Mat Fraser. Fraser is the “Fittest Man on Earth” and 5X CrossFit Games Champion, and Metcon 7 MF is the embodiment of his “Broken to Best” story. It comes in limited supplies, so make sure to secure your elusive pair in the drop. These will be available from and a few other select vendors – then they’ll be gone for good: Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser – Overview The Metcon 7 MF has cracks filled with gold based on the Japanese technique Kintsugi and also tells Fraser’s Broken to [Read more …]

Mat Fraser at the CrossFit Games

Mat Fraser’s Retirement

Who is Mat Fraser? Mat Fraser is one of CrossFit’s greatest names, but it did not happen overnight – it was a result of years of effort, endurance, and commitment that brought him to total dominance. He gained the title of the Fittest Man on Earth at the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 CrossFit Games. The 2016 triumph was three years in the making after he took back-to-back second-place finishes in 2014 and 2015. He got interested in weightlifting at the age of 11 and showed outstanding commitment. According to CrossFit blog Box Rox, he obtained his first national title at 13, was school-age champion in 2003, 2005, and 2007, and became junior national champion in 2009. He began training [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 6 Mat Fraser
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Nike Metcon 6 Mat Fraser Shoe Review

Where Can I Buy The Mat Fraser Metcon 6? As of today, only has a few small sizes left in stock. Rogue, WIT Fitness, Box Basics, and Dick’s Sporting Goods all seem to have sold out. The regular edition shoe will be available 8/4, and the FlyEase version on 8/31. The Nike Metcon 6 Mat Fraser CrossFit shoe has been launched! This shoe has been delayed a bit due to the lockdown – but now it’s here – and we’ve got an exclusive in-depth look. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 6 Mat Fraser – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this hands-on review [Read more …]

Rogue Laura Horvath Kaduzs T-Shirt LHK 2

Laura Horvath Kaduzs T-Shirt from Rogue

Support your favorite CrossFit athlete with the new Laura Horvath Kaduzs T-Shirt – from Rogue. From wall climbing to CrossFit, Laura Horvath’s unwavering work ethic and composed attitude in competition brought her success and recognition. After a solid third-place finish at the 2022 CrossFit Games, Horvath conquered to seize the Women’s title. The 25-year-old athlete from Hungary has now joined Rogue’s roster as an official Rogue Athlete after winning her first major title at the 2022 Rogue Invitational in Texas. Only from Rogue: About Laura Horvath It may be unknown to the Hungarian public, but something historic happened on May 27, 2016—Laura Horváth contended as the first Hungarian female at the Meridian Regionals in Madrid, Spain. The Regionals is like [Read more …]

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Justin Medeiros Let’s Go T-Shirt from Rogue

Show support for your favorite CrossFit athlete with the Justin Medeiros Let’s Go T-Shirt. The CrossFit Games’ male division has been ruled mainly by Mat Fraser and Rich Froning Jr in the past decade. But when Fraser retired, and Froning started to focus on team events with CrossFit, a name entered the scene—Justin Madeiros. His work ethic, dedication, and achievement inspired Rogue to produce tees that will rouse amateur athletes to work hard and reach the top. Only from Rogue Fitness: Who is Justin Medeiros Justin Medeiros, also known as “The Mullet”, is a 24-year-old Rogue athlete who reigned twice as the “Fittest Man on Earth” and Rogue Invitational Champion. He was described as “the future of CrossFit” by Dave [Read more …]

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Latest gear from Rogue Fitness

Let’s take a look at the Latest Gear from Rogue Fitness. What you wear matters when it comes to physical fitness and working out anywhere. Not only are your clothes important, but also the right gear and nutrition matter to bring better results. There is a reason why fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and personal trainers invest in great clothes and gear so they can be at their best in the gym, at home gym, and on pavements. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Latest Gear from Rogue Overview Rogue Fitness is the leading manufacturer and distributor of strength and conditioning equipment, including barbells, power racks, sleds, and accessories. Rogue is the official equipment supplier of the [Read more …]

Nike Free Metcon 4 quarter front pair
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Nike Free Metcon 4

Let’s take a look at the Nike Free Metcon 4. Having the power of Metcon, the Nike Free Metcon 4 is ready to tackle different workouts and take you to your fitness destination. This shoe combines the functionality of Metcon and the comfort and versatilty of the Free Metcon with a playful design and look. Get it from Road Runner Sports: Nike Free Metcon 4 – Overview The Nike Free Metcon 4 integrates flexibility with stability, so you can give it your all to your training. It is great for HIIT workouts, short runs, light lifting, jumping, and classes. The shoe has an updated “chain-link” mesh that cools and flexes as you speed through agility drills. It provides ventilation to [Read more …]