Rogue Mutt Bars with an athlete 6

Ergonomic weights and bars from Mutt

It’s the year 2022. Let’s be smarter about how we train. That’s not just form – our equipment needs to evolve beyond what we used in the 50s and 60s. Along those lines – here’s the Mutt Bars, Wheels, Cowbells, and More from Rogue. Free weights are highly versatile, and you can do a wide variety of workouts with, for example, a set of dumbbells. They are also affordable, compact, and take up little space. Train smarter with the good stuff from Mutt (via Rogue Fitness): Mutt Bars, Wheels, Cowbells, and More – Overview Free weights are inexpensive compared to weight machines and don’t require a gym membership. Free weights allow a wide range of sports performance and have a [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 7 Total Orange Dark Smoke Grey Clear Emerald White quarter left
Cross Training Shoes

Nike Metcon 7 New Colors from Rogue

Here’s the newest Nike Metcon 7 Colors – available from Rogue. The Nike Metcon 7 delivers rock-solid support for cross-training, comfort, and superior workout performance. It provides stability for heavy lifts and explosive movements while giving a stylish look. It now comes with new colorways both for men and women. Want it? Here are some of the styles you can get NOW from Rogue and Road Runner Sports: New Nike Metcon 7 Colors from Rogue – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth (with a different set of colors that came out earlier in the year. Here’s what we found: The super breathable upper from the Metcon 6 was disposed of, but the rope wrap still [Read more …]

Rogue JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag with a user 1
Exercise Equipment

Rogue JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag

Looking for an innovative sand bag workout? Here’s the new Rogue JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag from Rogue. Like a barbell and dumbbells, a sandbag adds resistance to your training and benefits strength athletes. Sandbag training can be done anywhere and is a great way to add variety to your routine. It is a tough training that will challenge you but will result in a stronger and leaner you. Ready to switch up your training with this unique sandbag? Get it at Rogue Fitness: Jerry Can Sandbag from Rogue – Overview The JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag is a new take on a classic military design designed for the 2021 Rogue Invitational. This American-made model highlights a durable 1000D military-grade Cordura structure [Read more …]

Rogue War Bar - Stainless Steel with a user
Exercise Equipment

Rogue War Bar – Stainless Steel

Here’s a new product from Rogue – the Rogue War Bar – Stainless Steel. Technique Barbells are developed explicitly for warmups, beginners, technique practice, rehab work, and young athletes. Rogue offers different technique bars, including the 25mm and 28mm War Bars – Stainless Steel. Their are two options – 25 mm diameter (Women’s bar) and 28 mm diameter (Men’s bar): Rogue War Bar – Stainless Steel – Overview Overbuilt and manufactured in the USA, the Stainless Steel Rogue War Bar is a specialized technique bar not equipped for loading plates but better mimics the real weight training experience. The War Bar is a practical tool for any Olympic weightlifter to warm up before a workout. It is also an effective [Read more …]

Mark Bell's Slingshot bench press assistance device
Exercise Equipment

Sling Shot Gear from Rogue

Rogue is now selling the complete range of Sling Shot Gear – created by Mark Bell. Regardless of age, gender, or weight, Sling Shot empowers those who seek to better their lives through fitness. Sling Shot designs products and gears to help you achieve your fitness goals and help you become the best version of yourself. It is appropriate for lifters of all ages and strength levels. You can decide which Sling Shot® is best for you by your one-rep max. If your bench is less than 315 lbs, it is advised to start with the Reactive Sling Shot®. You can advance to the Original or Full Boar once you press 315 lbs raw. Original Sling Shot Take about a [Read more …]

Rogue Echo Bike Refurbished main
Exercise Equipment

Refurbished Rogue Echo Bike

Got Echo Bike? If not – here’s a new option – the Rogue Echo Bike is now available Refurbished. This means you are getting an awesome Rogue Echo Bike – direct from Rogue – at a healthy discount. Air bikes are unique because they have a built-in fan that creates wind resistance. The higher the resistance will be when you pedal harder, which is a great resistance exercise that works your arms, legs, abs, and back. It also provides you with a good HIIT that strengthens your muscles as well as a whole-body workout. Want it? Get one now – quantities are limited: There are a few caveats though: This is Pick-Up Only – you have to be local to [Read more …]

NOBULL Trainer worn 2
Cross Training Shoes

NOBULL CrossFit Shoes

Let’s take a look at the selection of NOBULL CrossFit Shoes available from Rogue. CrossFit is an intense workout that demands all of you and your shoes. That is why you need shoes that will execute all exercises properly, from weightlifting to HIIT and running. Rogue is the only other place (besides NOBULL) that you can buy these shoes: NOBULL CrossFit Shoes from Rogue – Overview There is a corresponding shoe for each sport or exercise that will help you perform at your best. Since CrossFit consists of several workouts, a CrossFit shoe is needed to get the job done successfully. CrossFit shoes will provide you with the support, stability, and grip you need to harmlessly and efficiently get through [Read more …]

Rogue Toomey USA Nylon Lifting Belt with a user
Exercise Equipment

More Rogue Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s take a look at even MORE Christmas Gift Ideas from Rogue Fitness. Whether big or small, whatever you give your athlete friends and loved ones this holiday season will be appreciated as long as it is helpful for them. So to save you time and energy on thinking about what to give them, we list down several gear and accessories from Rogue that are very practical for fitness use. Here are some of the items we are going to look at: Rogue Christmas Gift Ideas Part 2 – Overview Athletes and fitness enthusiasts continue their training even on holidays. Even if you think they are fully geared, chances are some of them are already worn out and need replacement. [Read more …]

Rogue Tube Bands with a user
Exercise Equipment

Rogue Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s almost that time – better get your Christmas gifts now. Here’s a batch of Rogue Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021. Getting your family and friends gifts for Christmas has never been this easy. Here we offer you different fitness gift ideas from Rogue that are sure to make your athlete friends and relatives happy. With online ordering, you’ll avoid the hassle of traffic and inconvenience, plus you get to spend more time doing more important things during this season. Here are some of the items we are going to look at: Rogue Christmas Gift Ideas – Overview Getting fitness gifts for health and outdoor enthusiasts can be complicated because they usually know what they want, and in most cases, [Read more …]

Rogue 25MM Knurled Bottle Opener opening a bottle
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Rogue Stocking Stuffers 2021

It’s that time of year – you need gift ideas, and fast. Here’s some Stocking Stuffers from Rogue for 2021. Stocking stuffers don’t need to bring panic to you. It’s already December, but it’s not too late to get your athlete friends and loved ones some fitness items that will be useful to them and they will cherish for a long time. Here are some of the items we are going to look at: Stocking Stuffers from Rogue – Overview Rogue Fitness is the leading producer of strength and conditioning equipment, including barbells, power racks, and sleds. These are big pieces of equipment, but they also have small fitness items and gear that you can stuff in your stockings. These [Read more …]