A map showing projected life expectancy by nation in the year 2040. The US life expectancy is projected to improve minimally between 2016 and 2040.
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Study Predicts Minimal Life Expectancy Improvements for US

A new study published in the medical journal The Lancet shows that US life expectancies will improve minimally between now and the year 2040.[1] The average life expectancy of a citizen of the US was 78.7 years in the year 2016. In the year 2040, the average life span is expected to be only 79.8 years, for a meager 1.1 year increase. This improvement is especially small compared to other Western nations. In contrast, life expectancy improvements globally will average a gain of 4.4 years in the same time frame. The study used a forecasting model to predict the life expectancy improvements, and makes assumptions about the health risk factors that will impact lifespan in the year 2040. For example, [Read more …]

Treadmill in a gym - running on the treadmill is one way to improve physical fitness in the gym or at home.
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Aerobic Fitness Shows Significant Benefits For Health

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people with the highest levels of aerobic fitness have the least chance of death.[1] The study shows that lacking aerobic fitness is greater than or equal to traditional health risk factors such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and smoking. In the study over 120,000 participants were tested for cardiorespiratory (aerobic) fitness on a treadmill. This is a significant improvement over other studies that have used self-reported exercise activity. The bottom line that the participants who performed highest on the treadmill test, tended to have the least chance of death. Another significant finding is that it seems there is no upper-limit on the benefits of fitness – even [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness offers the ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar option - choose custom colors, text, and even images for your Rogue Ohio Bar or Bella Bar 2.0
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Rogue ZEUS Build-A-Bar – Custom Barbell Design

Rogue Fitness makes the best Olympic barbells for CrossFit and powerlifting training. And now, you can choose a variety of custom colors and design options on these barbells thanks to their new ZEUS | Custom Build-A-Bar ordering page. How do you get the Ohio Bar or Bella Bar 2.0 of your dreams? Click to See ZEUS Build-A-Bar Options on the Rogue Website How does this work? First of all, they start with two of the most versatile and popular bars – the Rogue Ohio Bar and the Bella Bar 2.0. Need the ideal Olympic Barbell? Read our Olympic Barbell guide to find out which barbell is right for you. The Ohio Bar is a rugged bushing bar that is equally [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness SR-343 Mach Speed Rope - Rogue's most advanced jump rope
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Speed Ropes

Let’s talk about speed ropes – a variation on the jump rope or skipping rope that spins much faster than a regular rope. Why a speed rope? The increased speed helps improve coordination and timing. The super fast spin makes some moves easier – such as the double under or triple under. But you’ll be turning the rope (it’s a cable really) more , and jumping more – so a speed rope can also be a great improvement on the endurance building aspects of jumping rope. In a nutshell it makes jumping rope that much more of an intense (and therefore effective) workout. We’ll look at some options from Rogue Fitness – they have the widest range of speed rope [Read more …]

The Rep Multi-Grip Functional Trainer is an excellent cable machine with dual 220 lb weight stacks. This versatile machine can be used for a full body workout.
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Functional Trainer (Cable Machine) Reviews

Let’s talk about functional trainers, also called cable machines. What’s a functional trainer? It’s a cable machine that uses two independent weight stacks, pulleys, and cables (with handles) to provide unique workout benefits. And how is this different than a cable crossover machine? The pulleys and cable handles are height adjustable – and this lets you work from any angle. The weight stack is normally selectorized, such that you can choose the desired weight quickly and easily by inserting a pin underneath the weight load. You pull on the handles to raise and lower the weight – you can use one arm (or leg) or two. The cables and pulley provide a smooth, controlled and constant tension. There’s also a [Read more …]

PIG FDT Alpha Gloves have been proven in combat by US Special Operations soldiers who require MAXIMUM dexterity for fast & accurate shooting

Best Gloves for Rucking and Physical Training

What are the best gloves for rucking or other outdoor physical fitness training? We’ll take a look at some options for protecting your hands in this article. What is Rucking? Rucking is walking with a loaded backpack. It’s a cheap, simple exercise that burns calories and builds aerobic endurance due to the added weight on your back. Burn more calories than walking and with less impact than jogging. And you can do this anywhere you can walk – in an urban or rural setting. Do you need gloves for the ruck march? Maybe not. But, if you are participating in a GORUCK challenge event, gloves can help. As an example, you may end up doing bear crawls, push-ups, or carrying [Read more …]

Mediterranean Diet comes from the towns of Southern Italy, Greece, and elsewhere. It is a moderate to high fish diet, amongst other things.
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Is the Mediterranean Diet Good for Longevity?

If you are searching for a nutrient-dense diet that may make you feel invigorated and help you live a long, healthy life, consider the Mediterranean Diet. Studies show compelling evidence that this diet can increase lifespan. But first, let’s review what the Mediterranean Diet is. What is the Mediterranean Diet? Many people have heard of the Mediterranean Diet. Like its name suggests, the premise bases meals on the types of foods traditionally found and eaten in sixteen Mediterranean countries. Picture the growing climate of areas like Spain, Greece and Italy, and you will have a general idea of what may comprise typical diets. The Mediterranean region features rich in plants and olive oil. Carbohydrate sources are whole grains, fruits and [Read more …]

The best women's olympic barbell will have a 25 mm shaft diameter - so it's easy to grip for those with smaller hands. It will weight 15 kilograms or 33 pounds. It can be used for Olympic Weightlifting or strength building power lifts.
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Best Women’s Olympic Barbell

Let’s look at some options for the best women’s Olympic barbell for CrossFit. First of all – do women need a special barbell for weightlifting? Short answer – they don’t. But, women’s barbells have a shaft diameter of only 25 mm. Compare this to the 28 or 29 mm diameter of a men’s bar. It is 10% less diameter. Looking for Black Friday 2019 sales on Women’s Olympic Barbells? Check back here for all the best deals on women’s olympic barbells. Black Friday is the best time to buy fitness equipment. And that means it’s easier to grip for those with smaller hands. The better grip will be an important factor on the Olympic lifts such as the snatch, and [Read more …]

Salmon with Riced Cauliflower and Vegetable Salad at table with hot Tea and castelvetrano olives. This meal is both Whole30 diet and Paleo approved.
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Whole30 Diet – Elimination Diet for Improved Health

The Whole30 Diet is an elimination diet – you eliminate categories of food that are known to be problematic to health for many individuals. This allows you to find out which of these food categories don’t work for you. Let’s talk more about the Whole30 diet – and let’s contrast with the Paleo diet. The two share a lot of similarities. What is the Whole30 Diet? The Whole30 diet is a challenging elimination diet that is meant to make us rethink food, discover our intolerances and allergies, and to develop better eating habits that remain once the program completes. It promotes and works around whole foods from multiple food groups, except grains. It is not a fad diet or a [Read more …]

The Mediterranean diet is a diet inspired by the eating habits of people living in the Mediterranean - which includes Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain The principal aspects of this diet include high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables, high consumption of fish, moderate consumption of dairy (mostly as cheese and yogurt), moderate wine consumption, and low consumption of non-fish meat products, such as beef.
Diet & Nutrition

Mediterranean Diet Has Longevity Benefits For the Elderly

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition recently shows that the Mediterranean Diet can improve longevity and health even when adopted late in life.[1] The Mediterranean Diet is a diet inspired by the eating habits of people living in the Mediterranean – which includes Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain. The principal aspects of this diet include high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables, high consumption of fish, moderate consumption of dairy (mostly as cheese and yogurt), moderate wine consumption, and low consumption of non-fish meat products, such as beef. The study shows that: “… closer adherence to the Mediterranean Diet was associated with prolonged survival in elderly individuals, suggesting the appropriateness for older [Read more …]