Fringe Sport Hells Bells Kettlebells with athlete 2
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Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells

Get in the Halloween spirit with these Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells from Fringe Sport. From their long history in Europe and Russia in the 1900s, kettlebells are now common equipment used for athletic training and competitive sport everywhere. They promote whole-body active movement for strength, power, and endurance training. They are found in the gym, sports facilities, and garages and are used to build muscles, tone the body, and burn fat. Only from Fringe Sport: Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells – Overview Need to know what to look for in the best kettlebells? They may not be your definition of “attractive-looking” kettlebells, but the Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells will definitely bring fire to your workouts. These kettlebells are made of solid cast iron and [Read more …]

Rogue PowerBlock Pro Dumbbells top view
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Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Let’s take a look at Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells. If you want a single piece of equipment that gives you the ability to use various weight settings, then all you need is an adjustable handheld weight. It is versatile and convenient with advantages more profitable than a fixed weight. Get Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells from Rogue Fitness: Adjustable Handheld Weight Roundup – Overview By changing the dial, pin, or lever, adjustable handheld weights are very convenient, and you can easily change multiple weight plates. This makes them space-efficient and perfect for small apartments and packed gyms. Compared to massive and expensive machines and equipment, adjustable handheld weights are more economical while still giving you a full-body workout and the same [Read more …]

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Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK

Get a workout at the beach with these innovative Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK. Workout with sand kettlebells is a form of functional training and employs numerous muscle groups with dynamic movements that build strength and help with activities done in daily life. Sand kettlebells won’t harm your floors when dropped, are easy to use and store, and can be used in the garage or backyard. Only from GORUCK: Sand Kettlebells – Overview The Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK are developed to overcome constant abuse from workouts. They have overbuilt construction and a multi-step closure system providing versatile at-home training. These kettlebells also have an endurance-focused design and heavy-duty padded handles that let the weight swing and turn in your hand with [Read more …]

Kettlebell Kings Cerakote Kettlebells in Kgs camouflage
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Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings

Got kettlebells? Check out the Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings for a fun and challenging way to resistance train. Kettlebell Kings are lovers of all things kettlebells. They have built their business on a customer-first approach by building a wonderful customer experience through answering questions, rendering high-quality products, and addressing any issues promptly. Another approach is free and fast shipping so you can use your kettlebells as soon as possible. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings – Overview No one else offers lifetime warranties on their cast iron kettlebells except Kettlebell Kings. As durable and long-lasting as these kettlebells are, Kettlebell Kings guarantee the structural integrity of the kettlebell for your [Read more …]

Hoisting a kettlebell overhead - great single limb workout that builds strength, power, balance, and stability
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Best Kettlebells – the Buyer’s Guide to Kettlebells

Rogue E-Coat Kettlebells – Made in the USA Rogue Fitness now has a new line of made in the USA kettlebells – with their glossy and tough “e-coat” coating – available now. Let’s talk about the best kettlebells– the versatile hand held weight that resembles a cannon ball with a handle. We’re going to explain why you should add kettlebell lifts to your workout, and what the best kettlebells look like. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the best kettlebell brands around – those from: Kettlebell Kings, Rogue Fitness, and Fringe Sport. Black Friday Kettlebell Sales Looking for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) kettlebell sales? Check back here – we’ll have all the details as soon as [Read more …]

Rogue Echo bike V3 - Black Friday Sale
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Rogue Fitness Black Friday 2023 Sale

Black November – Rogue’s biggest sale for the year is now on. Check out these great deals while they last during the Rogue Black Friday sale: Rogue Fitness Black Friday Sale Overview If you have your eye on fitness equipment – November is the time. The deals won’t get better, and the sale won’t cover more equipment than this time of year. Hundo Pricing Many of Rogue’s bumper plates and iron plates are on sale with Hundo Pricing. Here’s how it works -the more you buy – the bigger the discount. The more weight you purchase the cheaper the price per pound becomes. It’s that simple. What’s on sale? Here’s a sampling – but you should click here to see [Read more …]

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YBELL – Stackable Weights from TRX

Let’s take a look at YBELL. To enhance its ecosystem, TRX has acquired YBELL, a fitness equipment corporation recognized for creating a kettlebell-dumbbell hybrid. This gives fitness aficionados, personal trainers, and gym owners greater access to a range of functional training equipment and discipline. TRX presents an education syllabus highlighting a YBell certification and YBell content on its TRX Training Club app. The YBELL – a very versatile hand held weight for your home gym (from TRX): YBELL – Overview TRX is a global leader in functional training equipment and education, and with the addition of YBELL, it now brings more functionality to its line of training equipment. The YBell integrates a dumbbell, kettlebell, double-grip medicine ball, and push-up stand [Read more …]

Rogue NV Rack with an athlete
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NV Rack – Work out with Non-Varying Resistance

The new NV Rack will let you work out with Non-Varying Resistance. Are you looking for equipment that provides tough and challenging workouts yet is safe and effective? Then the NV Rack is for you. This exhilarating new equipment adds resistance to any movement or lift and is very easy to set up. It suits any fitness level, with four adjustable resistance levels and multidirectional arms. Get the NV Rack – from Rogue Fitness: NV Rack – Work out with Non-Varying Resistance – Overview The NV Rack from NV Athletics is a state-of-the-art new piece of equipment developed around the concept of Non-Varying Resistance®, which allows athletes to achieve their max power output at a lighter, safer, repeatable weight. It [Read more …]

GORUCK Sand Jerry Can with an athlete

Sand Jerry Can

Let’s take a look at the Sand Jerry Can. Sit-ups are classic in strengthening the core but can harm your back in the long run. Carrying weights is the new and fun way to work on and strengthen your core. It helps improve grip and back strength, gives good cardio, and works out all the core muscles simultaneously. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Sand Jerry Can – Overview Made to fit seamlessly in a Rucker, the Sand Jerry Can is available in 45lb and 55lb—both can fit in 20L and 25L Rucker, respectively. It is ideal for travel since you can take it with you empty, fill it up, use it inside of your [Read more …]

TRX Stability Ball with an athlete
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Workout Gear from TRX

Get some Workout Gear from TRX and do your rehab or pre-hab work. TRX is known for its Suspension Trainers that utilize a gear with two cables attached to your hands or feet. It is ideal for people who love to workout but also move a lot to different places, as it is lightweight and can just be attached to a door or anywhere. Aside from Suspension Trainers, TRX has other workout gear that can be integrated into your everyday workout. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Workout Gear from TRX – Overview Adding some gear and accessories to your workout enhances the quality of your training and the effect of the exercise on [Read more …]